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Now don't wait till later I know you can be driving around well okay I'll call when I get home don't just pull over donate now and that's two one zero nine seven nine seventy seven hundred is the number two one zero nine seven nine seventy seven hundred it's all about the community keeping this operation going donating toys donating money to keep the off Louise Christmas project going year after year the organization is all volunteer nobody gets paid a dime no paid staff and that's all they're able to keep overhead low and of course we have to think port San Antonio which is graciously loaned that they're great facility to operate the elf Louise Christmas projects so many people are helping out and helping making this happen including most importantly our news radio twelve hundred W. away I listeners that's right like admin Garza Garcia met at mondo Garcia twenty five dollars that became fifty and then Linda Cassidy fifty dollars became one hundred dollars that's how easy it is let's do it let's remind people that these donations stay local because I know a lot of people don't eat this time of the year charity is a is a big part of San Antonio we like to donate to charities and there's a lot of charities out there there's a lot of really good charities out there but what makes helpfully special is that the dollars stay here in San Antonio so you know the dollars are being put to work right here in our community not some other community and that that's fine if you want to donate to another community but San Antonians like to help other San Antonians so when you don't hear the dollars stay here that's important to keep in mind that the elf Louise Christmas project actually compares their applications with those of salvation army family services and blue Santa to avoid any duplication avoid the same families being helped out so this is a a very well researched efforts so you're gonna bring the a smile to the face of a San Antonio child that quite honestly was not expecting anything on Christmas morning and this is hard to imagine for so many people because so many people live a charmed life and they haven't had to experience you know hardships like that so this is your chance to spread the joy of Christmas and quite honestly absolutely changed the life of a San Antonio and what's the big thing to one zero nine seven nine seventy seven hundred.

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