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In 1980 eight's probably Rod Stewart's most personal record. It's a heartfelt song about his kids, You know, he's suddenly realized in that time. How much he missed during Five years of being on tour when it comes to his kids lives. I mean, he was working. That's his version of It is not just out there having a blast, which I'm sure he was at the same time, But when you realize, man I missed five years of my kids lives. And so he's giving them advice throughout the song. So something to think about next time you listen to that song. But, Mike I mean, you're a dad of four. I can only imagine that you have these moments of Tosh course throwing up. Yeah, and you have to make time and I get it. You know if I'm a rock star, and I'm touring, and it is what you do, you're on the road all the time. And you're not gonna take your kids on the road, you know, but fortunately I have a great work and life balance and I'm able to enjoy a career. That, you know, I'm very, very passionate about it. I love what I do for a living, but at the same time I can make time for the kids, but they grow up so fast. I mean, I can think of, you know, Katie is now 18 and college. Peyton is now 12 and she's a competitive swimmer, which is awesome. She actually just got a certificate to go to Junior Olympics. That's kind of neat. That's really good man. She's way excited about it, so We're encouraging that Lucas nine, and I don't know what looks good, common parent problem trying to keep him off. That computer is not easy, but we're working on that. And then we got Mr Finn. Four years old. Now many, Mike I gotta be honest with the mini Me Just a lot better looking thanks to his mom. But he couldn't say love you when you was little, so he said Lalu on, so Yeah, Okay. That's kind of our little home thing. We don't know. We could say it s Yeah, I miss it. He says, love You just find out I love you, Miss. You didn't do Lalu anymore. But I miss Lalu. That was good. We're getting old Mike life before our eyes. I mean, Gen Xer specifically what you are, and I are both Gen Xers. We still feel young hate to break it to us and some of you listening, but Gen X Some of you are within a decade of retiring. I could not believe that the oldest Gen Xers turned 56 this year. Now I'm happy to see him on the earlier side. That's OK. Gen X for you, but my guy I know you typically work with people, for the most part, 55 up a few exceptions here and there. Are you starting to see members of Gen X come to you for help. Of course. I mean, we talk to people every week that are certainly interested in helping when people Listen to us talking about financial planning and the need for complete financial plan and the need for an analysis of your of your current portfolio. Certainly anybody that's invested in markets or anybody that just looking out towards retirement, I think is interested in that. But at the same time If people are 30 years or 20 years to retirement, and they're making contributions to their existing for one k a retirement plan, it work. Frankly, it's just not a lot that we can do. But once people start getting into their fifties and mid fifties and sixties and their let's say within 5 to 10 years of retirement And they've built a nest egg. And maybe that nest egg is assets that you have outside of your career. Or maybe the nest egg is your four. Oh, one K or retirement plan it work. But once you have those assets, and particularly with all the volatility, everything we're seeing right now, people are looking at it going. Any things have been going really, really well, But I know with all of the spending, I know with potentially increased taxes. I know with this whole mask thing we were joking about earlier. I don't know why you're president can take the mask off. He hasn't explained that very well yet, But anyway, it's just nuts. I mean, I think regular people are look at this and going. This is absolutely absurd. And I'm worried about the money. So if you're in that situation and again, Gen Xers are now again, the oldest being 56. You're in that home stretch to retirement and you got to take a close look at your assets, and you have to be asking yourself. What happens when the stock market isn't doing very well because of all the craziness going on? We know it's eventually going to get bad. The question is when and what is your plan for that? That's the big question. So whether you're part of Generation X and you're getting closer to retirement or your baby boomer and you're close to it are already there. It's time to make sure you've got a complete financial plan to take you to and through that process, make sure that you're balanced properly. You're looking at taxes and inappropriate manner that fees are reasonable for what you're receiving. And are you actually receiving active wealth management, too? React to all these crazy headlines that we see day after day. Regarding your nest egg dot com. If you would like to.

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