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We were talking. And you're on your man, you sweater you're wearing or kit both acceptable? Yes. You were talking guys getting what's okay to give somebody a standing ovation? Yeah. Chase utley got a standing ovation when they announced the lineup in Philly. Sure. Got works. I've okay with that with those memo firing memo to Milwaukee. That's something that somebody gets standing force. Real quick. Did a tweeting KKK does not qualify for a standing ovation. We all agree. Yeah, I, I haven't looked. I haven't been persuaded yet with any take. Maybe there's one out there that maybe I didn't see about why it was good that he got a standing ovation. I I haven't. I haven't been witness to that yet. Nothing that's certainly made me go, oh. Oh, okay. This isn't as strong, but speaking of things that don't make sense UT's this going. Yeah, LeBron another. Don't tell me that another mural. Gotcha. Another mural the other one that is a a mural very staple center and the forum, and there's all the Laker legends kind of sitting on top of the two buildings. It's chick Hearn. It's magic, it's it's Kobe and Shaq. I think Jerry West. Right. I think Wilson it too, and they're looking down and LeBron is in the fourth round of the of the mural looking up at the Laker legend. That's where I'm gonna go, right? That's my place to that Lethem or ether. Somebody took a book at white paint, splashed it on the LeBron part. Is this bro? Is this really how we're going to do the LeBron? No, to l. a. thing. I know most people and I know that this is this is not the Milwaukee Brewers fans where it's more than half, but it wasn't like they did a storm, the mural torches and pitch. For the second time we've had LeBron James Merrill go up and it's the second time that somebody's decided I'm going to ruin it is just not going to warm to this guy is Lisa portion of you only need one bleep whole, like that's the thing about vandalism. LeBron's house got vandalized. One of winning only had one here. I think I've analyzed or something on the gate. You only need one bleep whole to do something like that. And then once you once the one person doesn't for in this instance, the gate, then all of a sudden it becomes a race to be the second most stupid person to do. The next thing in that happened with a mural that went up and now it's happened again and I, I'm trying to the only way that I can understa-. Now that we're older, at least in the terms of people that do vandalism. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna lie. I did vandalize things when I was a stupid, seventh and eighth grader in looking back now I, there's no justification for the way that you're thinking other than to try and make your friends laugh. That's that's the only reason you invested whether it's taking out of mailbox or like, did on Halloween, tipping, Biffi what we call a porta potty forever. And that was the company in Minnesota tipping it over with door down, right? So that the whatever's things would leak out that type of stone ever things..

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