Montana, President Trump discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


President trump just wrapped up a political rally in montana tonight on the flight there the president held a wide ranging talk with reporters among the topics his pick for the supreme court the president says the list is down to two or three people all of them as he says outstanding here's randi kaye with a look at that list at least the names we now know they are outstanding people they are really incredible people in so many different ways academically and every other way on the president shortlist of potential supreme court nominees judge brad cavanaugh who has been on the dc circuit court of appeals since two thousand six and has the backing of both breitbart and ann coulter the fiftythreeyearold cavanaugh is a former law clerk to justice anthony kennedy every case is a separation of powers case and i believe that critics of cavenaugh suggest he's been part of the establishment for too long he helped investigate president bill clinton along with independent counsel kenneth starr then served as a close aide to president george w bush on healthcare and abortion cavenaugh has been criticized for being out of step with the majority of americans last year he sided with the trump administration to block in abortion for pregnant immigrant teenager noting the government's permissible interest in favoring fetal life judge raymond catholic is fifty one and the only evangelical christian of trump's top three nominees he also wants clerked for justice anthony kennedy the university of michigan law school graduate has co written a book on leadership called lead yourself i his co author described him as authentic humble and down to earth catholic is a true conservative once reportedly upholding a mandatory minimum sentence for a man who pleaded guilty to drug charges even though congress had reduced the mandatory minimum by the time the men was sentenced justice kennedy is eighty this could be a seachange amy coney barrett the only female nominee trump seems to be considering is a former notre dame law professor she is forty six and has seven children she was recently appointed to the us court of appeals in chicago for the seventh district and has clerked for supreme court judge antonin scalia a new york times profile explored barrett's membership in a group called people of praise a christian organization that the article said has lifelong loyalty oaths requires submission to advisers of the same gender and believes in prophecy in two thousand six barrett told notre dame graduates that your legal career is but a means to an end and that end is building the kingdom of god when read your speeches the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you and that's of concern despite barrett's comment that she believed roe v wade would not be overturned would have no interest in as a court of appeals judge challenging that precedent new york senator chuck schumer criticized buried on twitter calling her an activist judge who will be the deciding vote to overturn roe v wade three judges three very different backgrounds the nomination process awaits randy k cnn new york so during that session we'll reporters on board air force one president trump also touched on north korea the president says he still has a quote very good feeling about north korean leader kim jong un even as intelligence leaks adjust north korea may not be engaging in any sort of denuclearization just before broadcast i spoke with max putin paris denard about the state of play a secretary of state mike pompeo travels beyond yang for another round of talks with north koreans so max you wrote to the republican party used to be quote a conservative party with the white nationalist fringe now it's a white nationalist party with conservative fringe can you explain what you meant by that well i think the donald trump has really transformed other republican point that's another part of my conversation with max in paris where i talk about something else you're gonna hear much more of that in a little bit i believe we have the part of the discussion now where we speak about north korea all right well we're gonna to take quick break we'll be right back.

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