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Hood Boom right there, right there. All information that you need is right there. There you go, 3123323776. Let's go to Patrick and Saint Charles. Hey, Patrick. What's up, sparkles? What's going on, guys. Good morning. How are you? Good path. Thank you. Calling. I got two questions for you. I mean, diehard Jon Lester fan. I'm a Red Sox fan. I idolized him. I've met him. Awesome guy. In your opinion, question. Number one is Jon Lester, a Hall of Famer. Uh, it's gonna be very, very close. He gets a 200 wins for a lot of people. That is. Ah, huge Benchmark. If you go back through, there's a few analysts that have made the case that he already is a Hall of Famer. It'll be close well in the modern time, Patrick today 200 is the benchmark because we have to lower our expectations. We will not see another 300. Game winner in our lifetime. This is why you get the Lester's in the mark Burley's and names like that that are possible Hall of Fame candidates because we're just not going to get Quality starts that you know the 275 300 game winner anymore. Correct, So it's a possibility. You never know. Okay if he is elected into the baseball Hall of Fame, what had William where? Boston Red Sox 100%. Why Why not? He want to world Syriza's there. Why would he wear Cubs hat? From my understanding as a Boston Red Sox fan. Jon Lester never got a true good pie in Boston, and that's still a sour taste in his mouth. It's not his choice. Baseball, So I completely understand. I'll set up in Listen after this, but I'm just saying What? I don't think you were about to read back. I don't know if you Specifically pick a team. In my opinion. Yeah, well as again we put you the phone calls is baseball's called Corrector. Wade Boggs wouldn't as a ray. That was the end of that year straight Wade Boggs and a raise, You know Andre Dawson as an expo. No. But Gostin. Well, that worked. But Dawson, it wasn't his choice. We wanted to go in as a cub, and they wouldn't let him because it because Wade Boggs ruined it for everybody right? Because he took the bonus from the res part of his contract when they signed him was Hey. We're going to send you this big money deal. We just want you to go in the Hall of Famer as a raise. Supposed to read sex. Jon Lester pitched nine years for the Red Sox. 110 wins six years for the Cubs. 77 wins. I think the Hall of Fame if he made it with a big if, if he made it, he would probably go in as a Red Sox. Yeah, I agree. Yeah, and what I think of Well, when I think of Dawson, I think I'm as an expo. Was when he was first. He's in that great outfield with Tim Raines, Warren Cromartie and Alice Family and Alice Valentine. Hell's own time. So that's That's what I think of first all black outfield in the late seventies early eighties with the Expos like It was groundbreaking in that market as groundbreaking, so that's sure he should be an expo. As you mentioned, I agree with you that more than likely the two championships Red Sox. Yeah, I think he goes into the Red Sox. Yeah, I think it's 100%. He goes into the Red Sox and I could tell you he's He loved his time in Chicago. He wanted to be here, he said. I'll make any contract deferment deferral, whatever you want. Let's make it work. And they had indicated him yet that this is easy. We'll get this shortcut. Done, right. Red Sox or not. Can't make it over. Oh, wait. The Nationals made an offer. I call him up because if someone asked at the press conference, did the Cubs make an offer? He can't say no. Way too late in the process. It was over. All right back to the phone off ago. Let's go to, uh, Jackson out on the tri state. Hey, Jackson. Hey, guys, What's up, buddy? Hey, Jackson, not a have to agree with Danny here. And I love Jon. Laughter and everything like that. But What Jesse said earlier is this is gonna be a huge rebuilt. We can't even get rid of Kris Bryant. And it seems like they want to just get rid of everybody. And you can't rip it down to the studs. Even in this year like you want to So as much as I love Jon Lester, you've got to stop thinking about it, you know emotionally and think about it as a business. Has nothing do with emotion. You asked him to build your culture. You need to continue said culture. He has told you I want to be here and nowhere else. Make it work. You want to defer some of the money I don't care, and they've indicated to him. No question. We want you to be here. They didn't come to him in October and go ahead and it's the tear down. Do you need to go look somewhere else? He reached out and called the owner by himself, not his agent him twice. And was told Talk to jet. I empowered him. It's all his call. No offer. No offer. No offer. Noah. Whoa. You got an offer way Gotta we gotta react. Make an offer made an offer. Yeah. Jackson from us really handle Jackson. From my standpoint, Jax. I just think that it's a good trade ship. If you do sign him for that deal. Ah, sweetheart, Deal our hometown discount pretty much right for Jon Lester. Then if you want to trade him by the deadline you can because someone will say okay, I can't give you my age, but I give you my high B level prospect. And I don't think they would have done that. Anyway. He would have just retired as a cop. It would have been a swan song. It would have been cool and you would have had this amazing influence on your young pitchers. John, can I increase your chances of winning a championship? We're not what you wanna hear. John because they know I think he would.

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