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Global news update. Border death, Paris protests. I'm Barbara Kusak. The advocacy manager of the ACLU Boorda right-center Senator is calling for a rigorous investigation into how a seven-year-old migrant girl died less than forty eight hours after border patrol agents detained her correspondent eleven Deras pressure is mounting for the Trump administration to change the asylum process, more focus should be put on the Trump administration's immigration policies that has tightened the ability for immigrants to legally request asylum here at official border point entries in its fifth week on Saturday, the yellow vests movement saw far fewer protesters in Paris and around France. The correspondent Bill Michaels says there was another protest related death. The French interior minister Christoph cost an air says that an eighth person has died since the start of the nationwide protest movement that began in mid-november over fuel tax hikes, but has expanded to include an array. Of issues to their said in a tweet that the death occurred Friday night, but provided no details about what happened. He did suggest that it occurred at one of the traffic circles that dot the French countryside, and where the majority of the deaths have occurred. I'm Bill Michaels fighting resumed on the fringes of Yemen's port city of data. According to residents raising fears for a newly agreed truce correspondent, nNcholas Kristof has more on what the United Nations is calling the world's worst humanitarian crisis war is hell as empower al-qaeda and empowered Islamic state. So undermined our security the same time. They did twelve million Yemenis to starvation. If you look into the night sky on Sunday, you just may see what looks like a fuzzy ball with a greenish tint, it's a comet that orbits between Jupiter and the sun making its closest approach to earth in centuries sometimes referred to as the Christmas comet it glows green because the gases amid light in. Green wavelength..

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