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I'm on the season of you, don't watch it. But I'm on this season of nine one one on FOX. If you watch it. Oh that are you an operator? I play. I am the nine one one call center, boss. So I just it's so crazy that I'm on a dry all I do is I go like she's wear. We'll be right there. We're sending someone now. That was really good. Oh, that's all of that. Okay. Just nine one one call center police department. So does it look like a classy library ties, and we'll tables ping pong? You the work phone rings, you guys all freak out. Yeah. The phone. I'm I'm like like damn damn. I love that. You know? That's exciting. It's fun to interact with but it's mostly me and Jennifer love Hewitt who work in the call center. So LA. Of this. This is great. She's she says whispered to ghost. She does not I mostly just like walk by. And I'm Mike. Does the majority of take place in the call center. No. It's one of those shows that it's like five storyline. Okay. So our story line is in the call center. But like Angela Bassett's the chief of police. Okay. Peter Krause firemen into it follows all these stories, which is great for an actor because you only shoot your story. Yeah. And then, you know, Britain still in it. She's not okay. Not interested. I don't know anything. I. Story thirty jobs. There's just did it for year. Yeah. About like what if I was like, she's they're falling out. And now, she's. Tune Dan dressed like Connie Britton in this show. She's not. Yeah. No. She is. She was only on for the first year. But yeah. Yeah. Nothing weird there. But Bonnie kitten is. She's got way the blackhead. She's. Chris Gaines, that's their Garth Brooks. That's right. That's the whole show is about a nine operator who gets into skies for being on the phone. All in this actress, she's she's like nine one one. What's your March on chain? Just like Chris Gaines. Yes classic. Chris game. Classic. Chris Gaines, really the shows about Garth Brooks. At the meta aren't they all every show. Is it every show now about our, bro? I was watching a marvelous as well. And I thought if this isn't the album shameless by Garth Brooks. This just like, especially those Catskills episodes. Oh my God. No that thanks again. Amy, Sherman palladino for drowning us in have sheep. Garth loves a hat to they really they have more in common. Are the same person Garth Brooks wrote every episode of Gilmore girls yet, Aaron what are you going on? I wrote a book called them and nasty, and it's still out. Yeah. Complicated woman guy women's guide to surviving. The patriarchy without drinking yourself to death. You can get it on hardback out in south back yet. That's what they call an Amazon right now not that ever out Amazon right now and look up Aaron Gibson. You would just go right to my book, by the way, you all miss out because my at wrote a really scathing review of. Yes. I don't know if we can put this apply Castro, but OBI, no way Denise and guess what dumb bitch her user. Denise could be any other way. I was like I was like who is this review? The username said. Your name is your username. She was like, here's a she was mad about because I call myself Irish Catholic street right in it. And she was like Where'd I rish where well, and I was like, okay. There was seventeen paragraphs and the best part about it was at the end. Someone had written some stranger wrote calm down, dude. Oh, my only one star review check it out..

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