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Warmbier I'm Kerry shoemaker in Washington, a Massachusetts state judge in a court officer were charged with obstructing Justice for allegedly conspiring to help an undocumented immigrant evade in ice agent. I'm Steve Kastenbaum. At that story. Taco Bell is throwing parties to tracked workers, I'm John lesser. We spoke with EMC Fisher awhile back. We did Star Wars. Now, I've moved onto some new movies that also deserve the Shakespearian treatment. I've Jim Bohannon with more coming up or they one hundred six. Fifteenth day of here. It's all ahead on America in the morning. Seven minutes after the hour at least five people are dead across two states. After violent storms tore through the south Reid Binion. Has the latest to see the second floor of the motel six for example, that second floor just seems to be going into. No. By the way, that we had individuals who were sleeping in those rooms Louisiana's governor declaring a state of emergency after a violent e f three tornado tore through the town of Rushton around two AM, some of the worst devastation that we've seen to be concentrated. At least two people were killed their mother and son the mothers Kendra, Butler, thirty five the son was Remington Butler fourteen and a high school freshman here. Devastation at Louisiana tech university. Forced the school to close dormitory areas. Students cars and several of the schools facilities. Severely damaged windows and glass blown out and things like that athletics facilities or essentially unusable just next door in Texas multiple. Funnel. Clouds caught on camera tearing through the state and the violent storms blamed for the deaths of a mother and her two children killed when their car was swept away by floodwaters, the family's father found clinging to a tree when he was rescued. I'm Reid Binion. Reporting a past it's official. Former vice president Joe Biden is.

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