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Good evening all my shire visionaries. How are you guys doing? Are you doing with your Christmas shopping. And you're Hannukah Giannakou shopping. I think I'm done although I forget things and then last minute I I just do things last minute anyway. But I've got I didn't have a lot to do though but Sunny got a new collar. See how pretty. He's Mr Christmas boy. Anyway I'm okay so if you want to give a present you can pre order. The Universe is calling you my new book you can pre-order it. I don't know when you'll get it though. I can't say it'll be under the Christmas tree. But but if they back order it you might as well order it now because WE WANNA make sure everybody reads it. Because I'm very proud of it and I'm honored that I was able to go with Saint Saint Martin's press. They're big publishers New York and they actually were the publishers of my very first book questions from US answers from heaven. And what's so so interesting. Is that my editor then is now running the whole place. She's like a big shot. So and guess what Tony's back. Hi Tony Sweet Hello. It's so good to see you. Welcome back appreciate it. That'd be back. Tony was swimming with the dolphins. So Tony. I wanted to tell you and I want to tell everybody that. On December eighteenth people can watch me on on access daily. There's like three access Hollywood so this access daily and that and we did man on the street readings at Universal Studios Hollywood and they went. They were really good. Yeah there were really really fun if I do say so myself and I love meeting people. I love just meeting people and in the they're not produced they're just so organic and it's just so exciting so so and then I'm GonNa do school for psychics. I think on the eighteenth more on that thank you and then the nineteenth. I'm going to be on E- pop daily two days in a row not one but two. Yeah to guess what they're in the same building in Burbank. How weird is or Lankershim was at Burbank? The bank pretty much universal. It's universal city. I don't know. GPS your miss pupular. Yeah it yes I am that okay so L. A.. Traffic's crazy right. Now so my guest is on. Its way on his way. He's going to be here but I wanted to talk. Doc about how devastating the homeless problem is. It's crazy Tony. Do you have some photos or there so all I know some of you are listening to this on audio. By the way today's December thirteenth Friday the thirteenth two thousand nineteen. Don't walk walk under any ladders or don't let any black cats go in front of you and knock on wood and do all that stuff but anyway so some of you won't be seeing this if you're just listening to the audio portion of this but there are tents in rows and rows of tens of homeless people and it's just so heartbreaking and and and it's been raining and it's cold old and there are organizations that are are doing their best to help the homeless. Wow look at that one. Is that the one where there's like fifty tents do you know about this. There's there's one I saw the news. There's fifty tents and the the city moves them every so often because they're not allowed to stay in one place too long but they help each other. They're like almost like a Commun- well it's I mean you've I've been here a long time. I've been here eighteen years and it's got it's gotten so used to just pretty much be downtown. You would see some homeless every once in a while in Hollywood or West Hollywood that now in the valley anywhere. It's every bridge every side road on my way here on my way here I was going under the bridge judge and under the freeway and there were about four tenths and garbage bags piled up ends but these people can't help. It cannot help a lot of mental illness. You know people say it's drugs it's mostly mental. It and I did take drugs to just kind of deal well to cope to cope with it. Yeah because they just can't they can't I mean I I don't Oh I don't know how I can't imagine having to live like that and handle it but So the I've I've got Richard a you coming on today. And he's he's been on before he's with Project Angel Food and the Great Everything about Richard's organization is that they feed the hungry and so and they they work a lot with HIV the elderly early and and it it helps prevent people from becoming homeless because they can pay the rent. They may not happy able to pay for food and rent but they can pay their rent and Do you watch to arch. NBC local full news in L. A.. I don't okay well I do and They've got A food drive on on now where they want. I think they're they like the you you you go to Ralph's or food for less. I did this last week and you give them you take one of the boxes and you give them as much money as you can afford and five dollars feeds almost twenty people and this is for Christmas. This is just for Christmas. I mean it's one meal it's not not like it's GonNa feed them every day and then twenty dollars feeds forty people almost forty people and then an NBC is partnering with Ralphs and Food for less and then they're giving some of their NBC hats out Out and bottled water and stuff so at least there's an opportunity to try to help what's going on and also Oh. I forgot that guy's name at the laugh factory but he feeds all the laugh factory's feed the homeless of are you. Are you googling looking at it up real quick. What's his name Forgot it must must mass up Masai man. No I mean look here dude like owner of the laugh factory. Okay that I can do anyway They Jamie Masada. Yeah Jamie Masada right so my friends. Stuart's going to beef feeding the homeless on Christmas Day Him. I said sewer can I come. He goes. I don't know they might be too busy. Oh okay they might be too busy but you know every community. I mean you guys is out there watching me from all over actually the world. We're getting people from Australia now and New Zealand. Gosh what happened in New Zealand with with volcanoes just so horrible but We're getting people from everywhere and every community has places of a over charities that you can Donate money to or if you can't tell me donate money. You can donate time. You know. It's it's it's something it if you can make time it's just it's the Pe- people are need and you know. We are all part of the Universal Energy of Oneness. We're all brothers and sisters and it doesn't matter what race we are what religion we are. We're we're all one of humanity and and and it. It's really important to try to help our fellow man because I don't know our worlds like just so it's it's just it's there's so much stress right now in our world I mean I I noticed that so. Many of my clients are more stress us than ever because of what's going on with the government and the impeachment and it you know it's just devastating and and so there there's higher stuff's levels so I noticed that this year people started celebrating Christmas at Halloween time. They needed it. We need it. Yeah we all we. We need a little Christmas Berry Yeah it it's It's really sad. It's it's it's devastating so Well I may add living with Tony Right now because has richards on his way and I'm sure he's trying to find a parking space because I could barely find a parking space when I was out there but we're going to talk about the Angel Food Project but you know now I am going to take callers today or it has got the phone lines are already full so keep keep trying to get in if you if you can't get through. Wow that's nice at the phone lines are full. Thank you guys for calling in. We had some good callers last week. Did you good good. Good good good. We always have good callers and then I also think that it's hard for people because they don't know how to think on their feet and they're looking for or one person for me to talk about instead of being open minded about everybody take call that what Psychic Amnesia were. Yeah they called Psychic Amnesia. But it's almost like doc. I'm going through the alphabet. ABC But you know but finally got this ladies Friend who crossed over over. But it's sad because her I don't know if it was our steps on her son. Somebody crossed over like at an untimely death. And it's it's just so hard and especially around this time of year you gotTa Miss Your Mom Oh Oh oh totally like. I said even though I was in Brazil on my fiftieth birthday birthday birthday -TUNI- but it was over. Thank you Dr who needs enemies. You really look like you're thirty nine. I get that also I got thirty eight thirty seven thirty nine you do you. You have no wrinkles. You're gorgeous I think you know and some of my husband Char's flirting with me. Yeah right But no I I missed. I missed her. Not Calling me on my birth. My Fiftieth Birthday. Especially because you you know she'd always call me and singing happy birthday. She was your first. How Yeah Right? Of course her first personnel here. I'm sure to hear her voice but yeah she always called them birthday and to sing me. Sing me matures. There's a lot of listeners out there now who are thinking about the holidays and thinking thinking about how they miss their parents their siblings their child whoever's crossed over the beauty about what we do though is that we know there's a spirit world and we know that we can communicate with them again and we know that they're only thought away. Oh Yeah I think signs You know I remember you telling me a looking to look for like butterflies and I've it's like especially in Brazil I saw in Brazil. Yeah I definitely saw crazy And you know I talked to her all time. I still talk sure it's good. It's it's important to talk to them because because the more we acknowledge them the more power gives them to acknowledge us uh-huh and to give us signs in. They learn to use their energy to connect with us because he's only been gone a little over a year so in eternal time. That's nothing the only other thing I've noticed a lot of people crossover to the spirit. World around December somber. Does she was November. Like either December or January. It's like I don't know y but you find a lot of people crossing over at this time. My mom did my mom over on December twenty first at at Grandma's birthday. That was your grandma's birthday. Well it was my mom's birthday into the spirit world and that was in one thousand nine hundred nine. Wow twenty years and there's a day that that goes by that I I I every day I think about her. Yeah I mean for me like you said it and I still pray for my mom and Dad I absolutely really do you know when we do the white light in the mirror. Dag I totally still pray for my loved ones in the spirit world because you WANNA make sure that they're still full thriving in a positive energy right that makes sense. Yeah they need as much as we do they do they do but they have the ability to help guide us and tell us things. In fact. I had a very vivid dream about about my mother this week. Really like a dream during a daydream or not say.

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