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Action with seneca support. And nobody else willing to speak on his mother's behalf. Niro banished agra pena from the palace whatever hesitations. The young ruler may have felt at this monumental change of status quo. He ignored them after all. Niro was the actual ruler of rome. And while he expected loyalty from those around him he was the emperor and he didn't have to offer his loyalty in return even to his mother. Niro didn't simply put agra pena on the streets instead. He sent her to their family estate. In antietam less than forty miles. South of rome antietam was where niro had been born and it was a place of comfort and isolation from their agra pena's influence over roman politics was severed but now that nero had effectively seized power. He had to lead by himself and the first step was making sure. Romans adored him to earn their adoration narrow decided to provide for his people where it counted their wallets and their bellies. The emperor founded and national lottery. That was run from the palace. Apparently whenever he would address crowds of romans he would throw small wooden balls into the crowd. Each had a number on it. And anyone with a winning number could come to niro's palest- to collect a prize. These weren't simply monetary prizes. Romans could win horses and chariots slaves and even land or property soon narrows generosity became legendary throughout the city nero also sponsored lavish games and entertainment ranging from chariot races at the circus maximus to roaming performers in the streets. He was even said to perform poetry readings and songs himself from time to time but most importantly niro fed his people he provided free and steeply discounted grain to roman citizens in the early years of his reign. Roman bakeries were never without bread. Niro's popularity skyrocketed. The roman poet. Juvenal the phrase bread and circuses to describe the way leaders like narrow win approval from the masses. It also helped that. The young emperor was accessible. Niro didn't stay behind his palace. Walls decreeing his laws from afar. He was on the streets reading citizens without fanfare even remembered many of their names he mingled at and joined crowds just like any other roman even if he wasn't the one hosting niro was the people's emperor and he had finally gained the adoration he'd sought for so long and on his own terms. The first five years of niro's rain were a time of calm prosperity for him and for rome. But it wouldn't last because agra pena wouldn't let it niro was still enjoying the roman nightlife incognito and when news of his indiscretions and drunkenness reached agra pena in antietam she was enraged agra pena. Didn't hesitate to let narrow no of disapproval. His illicit behavior was still a risk to his reputation their reputation but i didn't care. He was young and beloved by those who counted his advisors and his people. He didn't need agra pena's approval he was the emperor not her of course for niro. This was an actually true deep down. All he had ever desired was his mother's approval and she was the only one who didn't give it to him so presumably not long after his twenty second birthday neuro even stopped bothering to see or speak to agra pena period. However the move wasn't just because agra pena was impossible to please as it turned out niro had a new woman in his life. Her name was papaya and her influence over the young emperor was about to bring chaos to his family. Niro's affair with paige was more public than any he'd ever had before and octavia was enraged. She tried to be a good wife even if that meant leaving her husband alone in his impropriety. Nighttime revelry unfortunately papaya managed to do something octavia never did become pregnant. Not only was niro in love with papaya but she could provide him a son a pay new. She had the upper hand and continually pushed narrow to divorce his wife. Nero was reluctant. Despite cutting ties with agra pena he could still hear his mother's voice in his head chastising him for ruining his image according to ancient roman historian tacitus. Popeye changed her approach. She began to quietly lament agra pena's continued influence over her lover after all. Why was narrow so needy for his mother. Papaya provide him all she needed. She said in fact didn't it. Seem that agra pena was the one who needed him but word reached agra pena of papaya smears and she didn't take this criticism lightly she fought back and in doing so drew a line in the sand. Niro could not have both his mother and his lover in his life. This was the final straw for niro. He was tired of trying to please his mother to earn her adoration. he had papaya. She loved him. And that was enough with payers encouragement. Niro came to a final decision. His mother had to die gumming up. 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