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We while we need everybody. I believe that we would have had a more story. Based experience. She'll movement and i think we still can i think that's what's motivating people now is that people are now talking about how how their lives interact with the problems of of water. Pollution air pollution rather than the focus on data. Which which again. That's how we solve the problems. But that's not necessarily what life that fire underneath us as activists to just go to the mat and get it done so. I believe that we have an opportunity to bring that energy that we're seeing right now in the streets to this fight and to make some changes at a level that That is needed because the urgency is is absolutely extreme. Another thing review nodes. I think we're finally telling the story of how all of the different forms of oppression lead to this type of frankly the oppression of the environment which by definition oppresses communities and it becomes the circle restart to see how these things all come together. How if we are excluding the voices on environmental advocacy of people of color. Were not going to get the results we need. And it's only a part and parcel of the same thing that we're doing. Democracy excluding people are in the democratic process. All of these things come together and we can't really solve one out solving all of them. I love that. I mean i think that is the way to go and so i appreciate that vision I guess my question though that do you think that vision could scare some people because we have a movement that is already. The die is cast The mode is set and some aspects. And so what you're saying is to tear the house down. You know. I like hip hop. I don't mind that at all but but but sometimes you know that can scaffolds because that may mean Re imagining a revision. Other words. nothing in the square but at the circle or no lines at all. So what does that mean. No if what you're saying is an essence. This is the way we should be. This is the solution this successful. But then we're not that way now and people are in those positions which means they may have to transition to a different position. What does it mean for for for for their perspective. And for what you're talking about you know you're talking about power there right and shift in power and nobody likes to give up power. And i think we're seeing that play out so vividly in front of us as we all you know quarantine or some modified version of this life at home that we have right now during the pandemic. But it's it's inevitable it's inevitable that the power has to shift. I mean humans were so frayed of change and yet it's the only constant we ourselves are changing. Our environment is changing. Our lives are changing constantly. And i think what we're trying to say it's a disruption in the power structure and and that's going to be threatening and that's going to be met with resistance and i think we're seeing that but it's necessary because the majority now frankly is calling for that and the craziest part about it is that is long overdue because our planet in our environment and has been calling for years. We just haven't been listening so the same way that the people have been calling for change the planet's been calling for change. We can't look at these wildfires in california here. Calvary eyelid always do. The minute pitchers goes up. We just cross our fingers start praying hoping that. Something's not gonna just be set aflame again and you know another a million people displaced in and and Tons of of air pollution and carbon pollution. Just just really really tragic stuff plus at the same time looking at at The gulf coast which has been hit three times in a row just this year not to mention all the hurricanes that have come before so i think our planet is screaming for change planet or planets been taking to the streets long before us and and so how do we change this in a way that actually shows that this is beneficial to everybody. I think what happens. We often get stuck in this idea of a status quo. It safe because we know it but it's not safe. It's actually detrimental right now and so we need to do is make sure. The vets changes not working for anybody right now. Maybe a tiny tiny tiny number of polluters are benefiting. But i was wondering about what about their families sound like their kids and their grandkids and their aunts and uncles They're living in this too. So i think it really is about. We have to shift our thinking to what is going to bring the most good to our planet to our people and that is going to mean changing but we can't look at this at our faces in our country and not admit in frankly in the world not admit that the people of the global majority art the people the global majority. It's us people call her. We got a story to tell it's our turn and we're not gonna blow it up to the point where it's destroyed blow it up in a way that it's going like like a balloon like it's gonna be enough for all of us has a data in a good way rather than in a destructive way unless maybe you're a an oil producer and that case may be it may not be too beneficial for you. I'm okay with that. New normal to we were when we went right to folks listening. Probably say man. They went right to the bar. They didn't they didn't go into the shallow end. Go to the medium died. Buddy went right to.

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