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Exclusively where jason taylor said miami dolphins bans rv best fair in the nfl he didn't mean it showtime willie read jail time willie read that jeon carlos stanton cadre got caught up there that giancarlo stanton contract is starting to look better and better oh oh it is he's gnashing have you seen him since the all star break these up to like thirty seven homers either guys amazing is better than freddie freeman this season is he better than pretty for him because he hits a ton of home runs but his ops is better than pretty freeman i'm sorry itera were god would have been so great if the dolphins side kyle orton instead of colin kaepernick dave xiren might have spotters taye spontaneously could busted what the hell just happens today word it was knives word mike put it in their place but i said to him and he said the back demand he put a big gordon there because he likes to put in big words their trip me up and that's what he did dave ziren mida spontaneously could busted if kyle warden got side instead of colin kaepernick morten andersen is in a hall of fame before terrell owens how we doing speaking to help iimagine all they do in hell is talk about game of thrones and one of those people talking about game of thrones in how is our briers de'aaron those are the weekend observations painlessly all right a couple of things for you here in the next segment we are going to update the polls we are going to talk about whether matt liner to bomb we're gonna talk about whether kelly olynyk looks like he would backpack across europe and we're going to talk about whether the dolphins game one should give out as a give away cigarettes to their fans at a great in honor of jay cutler also freddie freeman's ops is better than drug carlos there who at contracts daschel look worse and worse slash our guest it is and not for a little are you and me because he gets a lot of home runs thin hits a lot of runs a is up he has just three hundred million dollars goods brive if like nine eighty i think it is right now or your name that's good that's really going are you need of cash fast drive with uber no boss to tell you what route to drive how many.

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