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Eighteen twenty years of my life talking about, the Cato Institute. Healthcare savings accounts nobody proposed that nobody the swamp. Doesn't, do that and all the never Trumpers, and they wanna all most of them be liked but. There but. To say well Hannity you're in the tank for Don Donald. Trump on the tank I like what he's doing I care, about the forgotten men and women that are now benefiting under his policies, are like, the fact that he's been a twenty one countries in eighteen. Months I love the fact. That you know what he's dealing with issues obviously what the president learned and he's, looking at the. Larger geopolitical picture here is that this was a huge issue and divide between Russia and the United States in other words everything, that's been said do I, think, Russia did it of course I do Do I think, we do it to Russia. I hope we are we. Better be if we were not doing it we're pretty stupid you know everyone looks feigns outrage over election interference nobody seemed to care that Barack Obama tried to. Defeat prime minister Netanyahu and even used some of your tax dollars, to, do it incentives entire Pelotas a lot of his political operation over there to do it you the same people fainting outrage where is their outrage where they. Said why did, they let the the FBI allow an outside entity to. Examine the, DNC servers You, know why is it we never got the thirty. Three thousand emails I wanna see the server. Like the president said. Where's the same outrage from Republicans over the conduct. Of Komi and. Struck in, page and McCabe and company the tarmac. Meeting and whoever else was immobile may have forty people as many as forty people involved before this is all said and done and that they tried. To Reagan election understand they've been missing in action almost every. One of these people there's been, maybe fifteen of us that have been, proven right again and again and again and they're still pushing the Russia Trump collusion narrative They had no relationship and even Trump himself to single culpa Tori bit of, evidence comes from James Comey and his own notes Trump said to me. That I'm not volved in any. Collusion but if anybody around me was I want you to I, want you, to go, after them that sounds pretty sculpture Tori to me And they turned it into obstruction and, they go after Paul Manafort for two thousand and five tax case there's nothing to do with Russia and then we have general Flynn that is you know signs of paper because he has, to sell his house because he's bankrupt and he can't afford to fight back so after thirty some odd years..

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