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God. This girl can't get a fucking break. Perceive i don't i i don't have i don't have it in me to. I don't know how to. I'm so mad at the and i'm used to being that at the american justice system which is so fucked in its own way. But it's like yeah well now there's new things to be about a different countries judicial system in my mind. I'm always so mad at like you know what's going on over here. I like to think that everything is different in in another in another space. But they've got their shit handled well at least this one case. That is not all fucking truth. Humans are humans human. I don't have much faith in in a lot of health. So the the police beat her and then he says they they hit me and then they say we're suing you for defamation. How dare you say so. They've not the shocks me anymore. It's baffling so they hit her in the head. They screamed her. They keep her up for fifty three hours. Whatever they keep her. they don't let her sleep. They don't get let her lawyer. They speak to her and italian. They tell she is hiv. They make shit up. They like psychologically you know fuck with her and then she finally caves obviously and says yeah. Okay fine this guy did it. And then they say well. Why did you say this guy did it. Why did you say that. And she's like 'cause you made me and they're like well we're suing you. How dare you accuse you know it's like cornered and cornered cornered like i don't even know how you get to find peace early justice. How could you ever feel like right about any like. Do you ever get justice again. Unless you turn into like a superhero in beat the living shadow these people or you have to go to like a buddhist temple and spend ten years like covering like that. I can't fathom going through it and recovering mentally when my god. I'm just always amazed how people get through shit like this. So she maintained her innocence. Obviously and on november twenty four twenty ten amanda and rafael began the process to appeal their conviction is a whole 'nother year later. They're appealing the conviction now and amandas lawyer. Luciano gear commented quote rather than prosecutors. Having to prove she is guilty we now have to prove her innocence. Which is much more difficult to do but they try so june. Twenty seven. Two thousand eleven. The appeals of amanda. Who's now twenty three and remember. This all happened when she was twenty so she's been in there for a long time for a year abroad and now she's fucking stuck in prison for years. Never nfl win. This is all over and she gets to go home. Has anyone ever tells her like. Oh my god. Like i love living abroad. She has every right to the offering that too. I was like what happens if you've been watching tv. And it's like a italy's on. Like i think i would be so triggered. I can't fathom. I would not. I would not be able to even probably have a tv or near italian book. I don't know i mean. Imagine having a kid monday..

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