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It's just I don't blame Orlando because I do think that the rifle is always take the best player available and less your situation prevents that player from maximizing its potential inclusive. It's just even an all star type year, you kind of predicted that, but but you know, he's how can you get better by by not really playing. I'm a big I'm a I'm big on having rookies play make mistakes early and play through those mistakes. So they learn faster. I think that kinda expedites the whole development process and bomb. It doesn't have that in our Landau. This his middle on four minutes to eighteen minutes to ten years a twenty five minute game. And then back down to four minutes. I think he's got to have the opportunity to build rhythm. And he hasn't had that arlando. So it's really tough for me to judge. You know, how well he's been in. I don't know what goes on behind the seat there in terms of his work ethic. But I know everybody raves about him off before unbelievably bright. So I I don't know what's going on with that situation. And but yeah, that's to hear that. They would be willing to to even dangle him. In trade offers is pretty surprising to me. Yeah. I was surprised to hear it as well. And and again, I don't know how that is. But you but that was a rumor that made the rounds. I'd heard it from GM. And when I mentioned it to another GM that person said, yes, you did hear the same thing recently. So. Before let you go. Is there one guy in the twenty nine thousand nine class that you're going to have your I most on between now in the tournament or just now in the end of the of the college season is there is there. One guy who thinks still has a chance to make a big move up the board or kind of entrench themselves as that number two number two. I mean, I really think John Ranjit the guy who ends up going number two and everybody has to bat as the number two guy. I think it's just because you have twenty four points at times reminds me of the local situation when Okafor was kind of the obvious number one. And then towns went more upside surpassed in the middle of the phone number three is somebody wants it. The more sexy play in Russell. And so I think Barry ends up going three. I think goes number two. There's just before so few guys with number two of roll type upside that I it's hard to pick her, you know, outside of Barrett in Moran. Anyone else cracking? That top three. I really like Jack Culver from Texas Tech. Although he doesn't come off the high upside guy, we're going. Hey, dress. So you know, again, I want I don't wanna use the word week. But without so many obvious answers after pulled. Who could really rise to me as well? And also we haven't mentioned Bobo from Oregon who could have been a top five pick before he pet that stress fracture in his foot. It's gonna see what happens with with the medical reports and stuff, but in terms of upside gay, he's another guy who could have problem within about four pick before that foot injury. Gotcha. Well, plenty plenty to watch. We will all prepare by our tickets for the Zion hype train. Got a jump on board before it's too late. I guess I'm still I don't know. I'm I'm still curious to see it. And then as as I always put out my my caveats during the season. There's too much NBA to watch. So I'm not watching these guys which is why I need to lean on my guy. Johnny wass to to to fill me and make sure that I haven't left myself to four out in the cold on on these draft prospects, but a clear. The next time. I come on I want I feel confident now that can be who you I mean, look at this is this is this is how it goes you have to build step by step just like an NBA player a prospect, you can still rise to guru status Jonathan Wasserman. I am confident. Good good. I'm here. Either company. Excellent. Having you as always, my friend. We'll have to do this again sometime around the end of the tournament maybe pre lottery, and we'll see we're all the tips have fallen by. Then. Are you interested in learning how enterprise scale companies drive organic traffic to increase their online visibility than download the voices of search.

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