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Updates every ten minutes all morning long your next report at eight forty on newsradio one oh five five W. E. R. C. well it is going to be a mostly cloudy day today seventy nine will be the high might see some thunderstorms later this afternoon into this evening as well right now cloudy and seventy Alabama's morning news it is eight thirty two here's later branded with the news well good morning researchers at U. A. B. have now entered into phase two of the clinical trials of that anti viral medication room does appear Reginald green reports although room does appear has been found to speed up the healing process for some covert nineteen patients in other cases it has also boosted the immune systems of patients with severe lung infections causing their symptoms to get worse for that reason phase two of the clinical trials will combine Graham does appear with another anti immune suppressant drugs the concern that we can allow the virus to get kind of a running start and even if we improved so to speak in response we may lose ground overall you A. B. Dr Nathaniel Erdman who says the national institutes of health has sent enough wind does appear to treat two hundred patients in Alabama another round is expected by August I'm Reginald green this St now seeing a bump in corona virus cases there were more than six hundred cases reported in a twenty four hour period this week state health officer Dr Scott Harris we're concerned that we're still seeing some community level transmission he says some of the increase is related to outbreaks at a Tuscaloosa county nursing home.

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