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Hunt and be seen his senior Washington correspondent Hallie Jackson, former Homeland Security Secretary Jay Johnson and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan. Hallie, I want to start with you in the moment here. You're covered this administration for the almost four years now, and I understand you have some news to share about. What is the relationship these days between Vice President Pence and President Trump In a nutshell. Chuck. It's not good. I have learned from a source familiar with this that not only did President Trump not reach out to vice president Pence as the events of Wednesday unfolded and remember the vice president was in a secure location with by the way members of his family, his wife, his daughter, his brother had all come to be in attendance. But I'm told that the president has not called vice president Pence. Since then, it is a striking detail, and I think it reflects the real in the deer of the relationship between these two men right now and how acrimonious it's become. Of course, the president spent days chuckles, you know, pressuring vice President Pence publicly to do something that he just did not have the constitutional authority to do on Wednesday and further Chuck just to advance the story more It wasn't just the public pressure. I'm told that it's far back is December 15th mid December so weeks ago, there were behind the scenes maneuvering to try toe essentially get the vice president to do with the president wanted calls arrange with attorneys walking through different scenarios that the vice president in the eyes of the president could potentially take, even though again as the vice president was very clear. He did not have the authority to do so. Check. As far as the 25th amendment. Listen, I'm told that the vice president just does not think that that is practical. That's what we've been hearing and reporting from people close to him, allies, etcetera, But there is real concern on anger here about how this moves forward. Casey Hunt. How bipartisan is impeachment going to be this week? That's the question, Chuck and I think we're moving toward it becoming a little bit more bipartisan, honestly and listening to that interview that you just did with Senator Toomey, I think underscores that we're told that There may have been some lawmakers who perhaps voted with the president on the electoral college question, partly because they were afraid for their own safety and the safety of their families. That the calculation wasn't necessarily just ah, political one which I think gives you a little bit of a sense of just how dramatic This WASP. Now the question will be how our political isn't perceived to be going forward. There's an increasing sense that Nancy Pelosi doesn't tend to move forward with the impeachment articles this week, but that they may not send them over to the Senate right away because Mitch McConnell has essentially made clear That there's no way to that he will be able to or be willing to force the levers in such a way that would start the trial before Democrats take control of the Senate, So the potential is that trial could be unfolding in the first weeks of the Biden administration. The question is, does the president elect Want that to be what they do first, so they may hold those articles of impeachment in the House until perhaps weeks or months later. But, you know, I think it's important to note There seems to potentially be enough votes in the Senate to convict right now Republican votes at this moment when this is still so fresh, obviously, political calculations change, but I mean they need 17 votes Chuck and there were 92 Republicans in the Senate who voted to say no President Biden. President elect Biden won This election, so I don't think people are willing to be extraordinarily out front about that quite yet, And there are a lot of questions about the impeachment process. But I cannot overstate the level of anger among Senate Republicans. All right. Peggy and J. Your job here is to answer this question. What should happen in the next 10 Days. J you first Truck at first after take issue with what Senator Toomey said about us not seeing this coming. I've written several op EDS over the last four years about how President Trump's rhetoric Makes unacceptable behavior acceptable and violence inevitable. My principal concern right now, Chuck at this moment is the domestic security situation, which is To say the least tense and should be on high alert. I believe what President Trump did on Wednesday was worse than anything he did around Russia anything he did around Ukraine any phone call he made to the Georgia secretary of State Department. The House I would vote to impeach power in the Senate. I would vote to convict. I do, however, questioned the necessity. Given the current climate of holding that boat over the next week and a half, particularly when McConnell is said that the trial will not occur until after January. 20. I think we need. I think there are additional considerations here. The goal is to disqualify him from holding federal office. There is precedent for holding such a trial after the person leaves office. Maggie. What's your What's your prescription? My read quickly is that we are in a crisis. This coming week could not be more consequential, more weighted with history. I from everything. I hear there are still active conversations going in Washington with regard to the 25th amendment. And whether or not the president should be essentially judged to be incapacitated. That is amazing enough or another road. Second impeachment. He's already been impeached once I would take any of the above because I believe the president should leave. I believe he is a danger but very quickly on impeachment, my thoughts or this. First of all, he's dangerous. He should be impeached because he's showing every signs that on the way out, he'd like to pull down a few more pillars. We don't know how he's spending his days. Who's around him. It doesn't seem to be. A lot of people are a lot of First rate people and real serious counselors. So there's that danger. I think he breached the constitution when his supporters breached. The grounds of the capital, So I think there's just Just straight out reason to remove him. I think future presidents may need to know what the exact boundaries are for presidential behavior. Wouldn't be bad to show them this week. I also think you know President Trump. At this point, he's simply deserves exceptional dishonor and a second impeachment would be A and exceptional dishonor. I hope the Republican Party does not miss this moment. They should move forward. I think the impeachment should be bi partisan. It will be the only way for it to be really pretty fully accepted but understood and respected by history, both parties said. No more. It Bipartisan impeachment threat is what got Nixon to resign, Perhaps if a bunch of Republicans gruesome spines in the next 24 hours and they knew it was coming. Maybe just maybe he would take that route. I'm gonna pause right there when we come back the ways in which the far right is trying to blame Wednesday's violence on.

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