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If they don't then went is going to be able to beat him if he gets time in their pocket you know the the and last week earning j p p really played well i mean if you're diagnosed the game uh burning just toss greg robinson around as a rag doll and kpp if you had the sacking the fumble big huge play in the second quarter and then the you i ended up crony interception one play on the next series to give it right back uh i i do think the same thing that they had a problem with stafford with containment i think we'll be an issue with went is that if they over pursue and really uh create pressure but leave the middle of the field open i think went so burying i'm just like staffer did i mean there were a couple scramble that stafford had had uh that really turned what should have been good cuase for vernon engaged in air paul in a difficult place for that defense uh you know we have to see if if pj goods and with the shin can play i mean the at eighteen caco and week one and then he didn't play and you had an on draft the rookie in cow once and uh starting for him at the mike linebacker spot now months and played pretty well but he he's not bj goods and every month could even call me that today said look i hope you alfi 'cause i want him out there you'd better for our team right now at where i am in the in in my career uh so we'll they get pressure i think um you know that the big thing last week and i i think it is something to look forward with the giant this week is that defense feel like they need to take chances to try to make turnovers and you know thinking that they have to score that's when they're gonna get into trouble and i think they did that a little bit left weaken you saw the the line of all teams who don't have a dominant running game rush for over a hundred yards and pop up a big one that they shouldn't have been able to run on his defense so that.

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