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Fast real fast. Parker. Jim Wilson Ron Callan back with you at research stadium. Want to go in the first quarter? The scoreboard says third down in one. But Jimmy, I will tell you that is a long one almost a full two yards. Not quite we'll see what comes up with near midfield on the right hash. Mark third and one and a half. A few SC gains any yardage on his play. I would bet that this is four down country already for USC, but any loss of yards. Obviously, I think they'd kicking Malachi the running back JT Daniels under center roles ride and throws it out of the backfield. Who gets the forest down Dom allow offers valid Malpensa out of bounds. But not until he picks up the forest and easily at a well-conceived call by clay Helton to the beaver forty three yard line. I like the concept it's just the running back going straight to the flat JT Daniels role in that direction and dumping the ball to his running back JT Daniels. The national high school player of the year six three to ten or freshman outta modern day trips to the left the wide side of the field gives to mala. I big hole on the right side. It takes Williamson hammock Rashid junior to get Malachi down all the way to the thirty five yard line of Oregon state eight more yards and the beavers who had a decent. Push last week and GM I thought were pretty solid in the interior run game in boulder. Not so much yet tonight of US's Twenty-one. Rush shirts adventure to say all of them have come on the right side, second down and two for the Trojans US's. First possession. Play action fake a throw down the left sideline. Going up to try to one hand it in.

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