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CONTRACT EXTENSION. Not Quite sure on deck. Well reason maybe had the dinner you know. Reasons are not being told but the guys had dinner. He had his party. In a course on social media people were condemning both Dak Prescott and easy kio because of what they did because right now are in the Book Pandemic Year Biden people to your home that you don't know if they have the virus in possibly they don't even know virus if they're just simply a carrier in the are not showing symptoms sperry serious viability. Extreme health recently both took. But you got to be on the seer. These guys are very young dumb in the very rich Okay Salim. You don't care. Debuted showed a lot of indifferent line until Ghana. The social media that was going on about how important was for tat. Not done that at all. so the cowboys decided to respond by giving you know. Zeke Elliott Dan Prescott acquitting spangled in a stern talking to you know. They made sure that they keep on the president. You know the cowboys did something you know during a pandemic these guys doing late that but like I say these guys are very rich very young. And here's another thing. I really believe that a lot of celebrities are in the honest belief that they are immune to the virus because we have one right into Sunday. State of fortunately. I'm like this is so true because if you guys remember when the pandemic with really starting to kick off somehow you know we're in the middle of a nation play shortage. Nobody can get the test. Everybody needs a test test test but rudy go beer. Donald Mitchell entire Utah Jazz Tested with the quickness the swiftness and. I'm just so confused and a lot of people. Were actually confused you know. How are you able to get this test? And nobody else's seeming to be able to find his has been you guys magically find tests for entire. Nba team in pretty much the rest of the NBA gets tested with the swiftness quickness. About it and nobody is able to understand how you know. There is a nationwide shortage going on. Nobody has enough test to test with a corona virus and you guys are getting the tests as if there is a nationwide surplus and the League import on Social Media Out. People were saying that this was not fair. This isn't right. These guys take tests away from people actually needed and don't have the money necessarily to pay for the treatment that goes on for Corona virus essentially stealing his test. How ever if you think they go bear in Mitchell and everybody else in the NBA did not get treated with the experimental medicine to treat the Koran virus? If for no other reason that they're famous if for no other reason than they have pointy end they can pay for those kinds of things. I mean honestly if you really believe that. That didn't happen. You stupid boy. That's exactly what happened in so like I said I'm not surprised by the behavior. People have shown that they're very young very immature. Unfortunately they are very very rich so there is that level of entitlement that they allow celebrities showing And that they have you know basically showing their butts society and say like I'm rich I can afford to get sick and I can afford not to be sick so it doesn't really matter to me. That's the attitude the behave and unfortunately you know the cowboys Rideau care. Nothing about this is just like a publicity stunt at his finest trying to show that people think that they're really going to do anything but I lost all respect for Dallas his front office after the whole Sunday Zeke did last year basically bullying the Front Office for the money that he wanted. And you know that was gone with no. We're not GONNA do we're GONNA do. We're not GONNA do it. Then they turn around and do it anyway. So I'm not surprised by their behavior and Anna Rubino care because at the end of the day they're definitely not putting any money in my pocket continuing on with Dak Prescott because he has a couple of things going on with him. The contractual saga continues guys. I thought I would have been over at the franchise. Hey but it actually does continue so weird out on the street is that deck is still attempting to work that Zeke angle where basically trying to bully the Dallas cowboys into giving him what he wants however this may not work out for him and I'm going to get into that and a little bit so right now. The word is a deck saying that he's not getting enough. Money is the contracts that the cowboys is offering him because it is not enough money to maintain his family's current lifestyle. And honestly I think the deal is about light. Twenty four million. A year he was my family will not be able to survive twenty four million dollars a year and my oh boy lake Far Be from you to have less than two houses. Maybe you only had to have gone out but boy like you know far be from you to be able to have that but then again even on even though on paper a lot of these players are rich guys remember from last episode. We were talking about allegedly leak of two thirds of the NBA is about Brooklyn's a doornail so on paper. These people may be very rich but they're actually very very broke and I would not be surprised at desk. Prescott is suffering from some or financial management. So of course maybe he needs more than twenty million dollars a year because he just doesn't know how to manage money so again dake is trying to work that seek angle where he's basically trying to bully them angling for Bo less years. That account was trying to give him in a portable money. This is a very typical Angle for those athletes especially people in aid and to goalie cowboys name on more years and Kinda more money. What kind of not more money? Not a reasonable amount of money. Money is answer for their ass in seventeen year contract for about a hundred and ten million I wouldn't send my life in ten million dollars Prescott but he is holding true to. He's trying to work that Zeke angle where he's basically trying to bully the Dallas cowboys. How ever died is not gonNA work out for him in in my. I'm GonNa you know you can tell us that me on this. I'm saying right now is not gonNA work out for Prescott and he's GonNa end up compromising a lot more than he thinks he's going to. Because of the fact that he had that exclusive franchise take place on his person hood so the current tags about like thirty three million dollars so he really can't do anything about it and he really can't threaten to go anywhere or do anything about it other than possibly Eli. What like set up a portion of the year The whole year. Because it was a franchise tag. You can't go anywhere you can't work for anybody else. Especially in exclusive franchise dig only thing he can possibly threaten to do is sit out. So that's not really gonNA work out for him if he does try too hard to get it. Not sign the franchise. Tag Deal As going to work out for him because he governor saying his family became live on. Twenty million dollars will now. You're going to be living at the price of zero thousand zero sense. If you don't sign the so what I think will end up being. The deal is about four to five year. Deal at about sixty to seventy meals so it's pretty average. Qb deal does give him the latitude that he's looking for because he was looking for like three feet of. I remember quite going so the very slim chance that he's actually a lot of people his age to do that. You know to something else were genetically. It's not gonNA work out for him Just because by number one. That's the tendency of these guys the pretending but they don't and then the other thing. Is that the cowboys. Really have him by the haunches arena. Let it go so they'll pretty much do anything that he is. I hear that there's a little bit of compromise going on within the Prescott camp within Kelleway's Kanthi are terminent quote Unquote Stanford but yellow. Mari feel about the cowboys they will give in at the end of the day. So it's a really a question of how much they willing to give up in order to keep Dak Prescott. Is he worth it absolutely? But they think that this guy has a viable future for him. So we're GONNA CHECK OUT WE'RE GONNA definitely see 'cause that's not ongoing story next up on the docket we had the XFL. This guy's actually is pretty pretty depressing because the except fo has suspended all operations They are not planning on coming back in twenty twenty one and they're not coming back in twenty twenty do their back. They're probably not gonNA come back. On top of suspending operations. They have filed for bankruptcy and the leaving thousands of workers in the dirt. Like lots of people are now jobless. They're trying to find a job in the middle of pandemic you know. God bless it couldn't be me especially with the success that the XFL has really did not expect them to do something like this but here we are guys so like I said I'm not GONNA lie. Definitely domestic coming ahead. A tremendous tremendous immodesty says even now you know they still have a lot of players being drafted or being contracted with in the NFL different people. I believe. Woodleigh Store Norton Jessica side..

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