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That debuted last year and just flashing across the Bloomberg terminal telecom Italia is said to be near picking que que are for its open open fiber deal and also carnival Corp saying that the coronavirus crisis will have a material impact on its financial results the cruise industry has been reeling from the quarantines that have been put in place and also travel restrictions Carlos says it can't yet estimate the full effect of the virus on its current fiscal year the company said a complete suspension of its operations in Asia through April is a step that it doesn't currently plan but if so it would lower fiscal twenty twenty earnings by some fifty five to sixty five cents a share and Brian after the bell MGM resorts reported quarterly profit below estimates the company also withdrew its full cost for twenty twenty citing the impact of the corona virus outbreak the shocking news came when MGM said its leaders planning to step before his contract expires bluemix Chris Paul Murray says chairman and CEO Jim Marin is making the move under pressure Mar and say you know just completed this transition under pressure from activist investors for years to boost the stock price they've they've sold really almost all of their marquee assets to third parties and they'll continue to manage them under this sort of asset like strategy but there's no doubt that marine has been under pressure in recent years she has an MGM rose four percent in late US trading the outbreak is exacerbating the industrial slump in Germany Deutsche Bank is saying that the German economy could be on the verge of recession Deutsche Bank expects a slight contraction in the fourth quarter it's also casting some doubt on the prospect of any rebound at the start of this year twenty twenty German GDP figures due to be published on Friday all right for a close up look at what's happening in financial markets is our Asian trading day gets underway he is a yeah Chris thanks also one of the conclusions I think that the market seems to be making right now is that maybe the worst is behind us and I hesitate to say that because of a lot of the cabbie outs that Brian laid out at the top of the program but it seems to be the conviction here is that we're seeing a slower project a progression of the virus outbreak look at what the I MF of forecast today a very quick recovery kind of V. shaped for the Chinese economy and then we're hearing about the flurry of patent studies that are in China right now trying to see which effective power which agents would be most effective in combat in the virus Bloomberg data show that they are seventy seven clinical trials now targeting the virus that have been registered since January twenty third so here today was very much risk on with the Dow at a record high twenty nine thousand five fifty one we were up one percent on that front in the broader market a record as well for the S. and P. five hundred thirty three seventy nine a gain there of about seven tenths of one percent nasdaq top rises to an all time high ninety seven twenty five with a gain of nine tenths of one percent well saying also seeing other risk on mood in the crude oil space with WTI jumping two and a half percent we settle New York trading fifty one seventeen we're moving higher right now in the electronic session fifty one seventy five it's a little curious to because OPEC slashed its forecast for global demand and at the same time U. S. inventories came in above estimates both of those points would argue for lower crude prices after the bell Cisco predicted revenue will decline this quarter that was pretty much what the market was expecting the although this is kind of at the mid point of estimates and the stock was down about one point seven percent and we have the Singaporean bank a DBS group holdings reported quarterly net income above estimates two point four three billion saying dollars U. S. ten year treasury last quoted in New York at one point six three percent I'm a Christian or the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio in New York cuss Lynda dot get looks as if the cruise ship that has been sailing the South China Sea looking for welcoming port has finally found one ad Baxter has WC the Bloomberg nine six.

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