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Your pooch. But it will make you a lot happier too. Because you will be able to give up a little portion of your bed to your pooch because they're going to prefer this over your bed. Trust me that is great. Yeah. Yeah. So we are doing a big saving right now again as the introductory price. So regular is two ninety nine and we're selling the large for one nineteen and extra-large as one thirty nine at our curbing, right and the regular price three forty nine. Now. How do you know what size you need? Well, we have our dimensions on the website. So a lot of people do measure it out. What's a measuring tape or if it's big enough, but we also have our reviews down below the product. So if you go down below the product, you'll see all of our reviews for that specific up rug and inside each review, we ask the customer, the style they got which is curve, a rectangle the bed size a larger extra-large and their dogs weight and the dog's breed. So a lot of the time. We find customers will search through the reviews. They'll see okay, my dog's fifty pounds just like this dog. Rottweiler. They got the extra large. So I think this is gonna fit my dog. Okay. So roller Dom would be I fifty pounds in up gopher extra-large and maybe for for less than fifty pounds less gopher the large. I think so I always tell customers that if they're if they're unsure go size up. Your dog's not going to be hurt that you got two big bed. I'd say rather not want to squish into a smaller one, right? Especially like, what if you have a greyhound, they're pretty slim, and they have those long legs so go now, you also have a really great deal for all of our listeners. So tell us about that. Absolutely. So because we're on the show we are very excited. And because of that, I I wanted to.

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