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I listen to you. That is all. That's just filling in just johnny backup. That's all hey we're bark you awesome. I appreciate it. I wanted to say man. I i like to stick with trae lance. It was a good sided. Pick because see what. He's the quarterback for the future. Garoppolo is all in all the good green bay. How crazy can you get the data. They wanna beat. I understand he's a mvp. He's a franchise everything not only. Could you get the number three pick. You could have got garoppolo to bridge the number three p. Which is probably would have been trae lance or jones. Whoever they want. I'm pretty sure who don't give out a ton of capital to go with it so now. not only. Do you get a disgruntled employee. Owned going sabotage. Everybody else you got your future lonzo. He's still love sitting in the wings. So i mean it's so many different multiple rage. You took this man. Could could've got aaron. Rottenness my top brady. Paying for it to erogenous san francisco facing offense he kinda five they never even talked deal though. That's eight but you don't really know what winning on that conversation right allen they might say well we got three and they were saying we have nick bolsa to and we need this and i just got to be too expensive to experience but it it. This was a different draft if this was a little bit of a different draft meaning like if there was like this richness of kin miss defensive players. I would then say to myself. If i'm sitting in green bay. A short drafted jordan love. I'd moved that i take that three. Add move aaron rodgers san francisco. Bring me jimmy garoppolo. He now becomes the bridge gap for jordan love because a drafted jordan love to replace roger. The only thing now is going to replace garoppolo in the future. So i still by another year. I still got a veteran to teach him. I can now take that three. If it was a rich defense a draft so you can get like a big time all the edges went late around me a big time do so. There probably was no real value as far as green bay see sees it at three at three is only really the quarterbacks other than that what else is there and now you are could've traded that three picked up. Some more ones know. I would have fleas them. Know if i was green bay because air rogers if correct. Aaron rodgers is that ticked off. You got somebody like mustafa says whether it's directly or indirectly is now toxic in the locker room because he's their employers. No you don't want to be there. so why. Why do i want to be key as somebody who grew up as a raiders fan. You're rogers run the raiders. Because we will be cool. He would him and drawn cars. Cool cars good. Wow car probably only take you. So far where aaron rodgers might be able to take you to the end and i know i know jon gruden back tried to those weapons. He tried to figure it out. They got about six years left on the contract. But they're they're pick by the way at seventeen. Alex leatherwood the offensive lineman really tackle guard. Whatever it is man. He didn't even know. I mean old man when when they made that was loser of the draft last night. It was like a disguise. You got him in a second round persona you a body language guy. Oh yeah so you could tell based on body language and everything. He was like his family like wait. What he can't even stand up here you know he couldn't even stand up. His home was like they look at each other. Like did they did. They say leatherwood lockwood. Mike in phoenix bike ahead by jump in here. Hey king i n j will just wanna say king big. Usc trojan fan from long beach. California i love playing with the trojans man and i just wanted to throw that out there but My question do you guys is what. The heck are my raiders. doing again. Two years in a row are net and feral and now we got this guy named leather wood or something. It's just like. I'm just confused on. What my raiders are doing. It's like i thought we were going to go. You know chairman more rig or are we going to go with that. Awesome guys notre dame coach. Parsons went to the cowboys is like what. The heck are my raiders. Doing guys derek. Jenkins i don't know i don't know what they were doing from a defense standpoint. Because they signed coat miller back. He's eleven tackle. So i don't know what leatherwood is gonna play for maybe moving right. Maybe he's a gore for you. I i don't know what mike mayock can. Jay grew. Jon gruden is thinking about or seeing. I i really honestly. Don't all will be forgiven. If they get aaron rodgers we all see on that. but you know what is all forgiven as the bears. Move up get a quarterback. Let's get reaction out of chicago next.

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