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To turning today how are you i'm doing good thanks for having me i'm glad to be obliged her to jeff so jeff what new movies are we reviewing today well you know we have a real patriotic movie about them american heroes call 12 strong and it's based on the book the horse soldiers and it's twelve us army man special forces uh right after the attacks have nine eleven uh essentially they were looking for the taliban in afghanistan they were the first troops to start the war on terror after we were attacked and talk about just fighting in the most harsh environment i think that sixty minutes just did a story last week i'll president trump is now committed three thousand troops and made a commitment to afghanistan and it's america's longest war like sixteen seventeen years and this movie this story is where it all began uh just like the movie we were soldiers with mel gibson where the first vietnam encounter afterward vietnam all started for america this is where i war in afghanistan and it can tear and the taliban's started and so they uh chris hemsworth you know playstore also michael shannon uh michael hanya uh they all are these soldiers that our special forces that are dropped into afghanistan uh and and start fighting the taliban in the most ridiculous harsh environment and not only that they have to use horses they're using horses going into i noticed is in things using horses they they need up with general docks them uh who is one of the warlords who is fighting the taliban so he links up with them and he's using these courses to the eu's battle because you know they there airdropped in the middle of nowhere enough in northern afghanistan and so and only that the very on the underestimated the taliban because they have tanks they have missiles is so there's they're trying to fight this war on the most ridiculous circumstances and it's just nothing but pure bravery and just you know having the most impossible mission and uh to to fight the taliban and.

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