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So recording this on august third is being of argus a month where a bunch of pro-trump partisans and conspiracy theories have been claiming for months. We'll be or could very well be that. Trump is directly restored to the presidency and biden is thrown out his ass right. Now we're welcoming on the podcast. Our colleague daily beast reporter kelly who just popped the story about how these conspiracy theories are getting zanier just at the moment where it looks like. They're going to implode themselves because donald trump is not going to be back in office this month. Kelly welcome back to the show. Thanks for having me. Can you tell us a little bit more about your reporting for a story headlined my pillow guy punts kind line for trump retaking power as august conspiracy theories get wackier who's conspiracy theories are getting wackier where they coming from. And what are they sure thing so even before by was inaugurated there were all these cunanan conspiracy theories saying this is the date. That trump will be reinstalled. These are the dates that the election will be overturned and they come out with a new one of these every couple months or so. They had to back to back ones that failed in march. They needed to have another date. They pushed to august. You know just a little breathing room. What was the reason that they stated or reasons that march ended up not worth. I'd trump just need more time to like redecorate mar-a-lago bedminster so these people aren't really focused on the reason for the failure. They're looking ahead. They glass half full. They're pivoting no they. The reason for their march predictions were that thought that there was an alternate inauguration day that was pegged to old laws before the phony government took over by vet clearly. Didn't pan out so they're not dwelling on it. The august state came about it was actually a lot of it was via our friend. Mike lindell the my pillow guy. Coup predicted august. Because he said that he wanted to get some lawsuits in front of the supreme court. He thought that would be rolling in july. And then by august they would have gone to their natural conclusion. And trump will be reinstated. So mike lindell. Who is a staunch trump ally and friend and also the joe and creator of my pillow or recurring character on the show and in our national consciousness yes and in our national consciousness. Of course he is one of the biggest drivers if not the biggest driver behind august august august. Can you tell our listeners. How much has been hedging on this for the past few months and he told the daily beast yesterday share so mike lindell has been promoting. August is like the probable probable timeline right. He's almost certainly the one who got it in trump's ear indirectly first and got to believe it right. Yeah and then in turn now. There's reporting that you and we'll have done that. Trump is going around telling folks that he thinks august is going to be the month for him so straight from the my pillow man to the shadow presidency. Mar-a-lago you've got this weird conspiracy theory that you want to dismiss but unfortunately people with power millions of fans are they follow it. So that's how the my pillow guy got. It started and recently. He has been hugging a lot of the august. Theory to this. cyber symposium. he's holding. That's going to reveal the true fraud behind the election. Bear in mind flees. he is already made. Three full length documentaries that about the election that have all been debunked. So i wouldn't hold your breath. I gotta talk about the cyber symposium. I mean this is for me the event of the year. Obviously there's a lot of talk about woodstock ninety nine if you like. This is kind of shaping up to be a similar event it is in what sioux falls south dakota this is gonna be mike lindell's inviting everybody. I mean it sounds like a like it's going to be a real crazy time. He's a friend of the pods. Actress over at salon says that according to the king of restful sleep will feature a mock election every two hours in which a hacker quote flips the votes on qualley quote. Cyber guy and quote goes into a soundproof room with headphones on and reappears moments later to decipher the meaning of packet capture. Now if that means anything to you you're not because it doesn't mean it's it's just craziness and it's gonna be mike lindell's inviting like every reporter. He talks to. It's going to be a great party. I think in possibly the end of american democracy. Kelly what do you think of the cyber symposium. oh man. it's so funny. A while ago. I wrote his mad at her possibly trying to cover a burning man in the cova era. And i'm not doing that. But i i think this is better right. This is like this is fire fast. No that sounds just absolutely insane. It started these prophetic events. That have been really churning this queue adjacent movement along when they've got very little to To go by their profit is gone and so they're just going out for successive woodstock events in big conferences. Were every couple hours. Somebody big has a website and calls for a myanmar style coup. Apparently mike lindell has bought out is supposedly every hotel room sioux fall so for this weekend sioux falls will be a my pillow company town. I mean it is going to be everywhere. I can't imagine. I think it is going to be like heightened levels of american delirium. I dunno sturgis for the election. fraud set. Maybe that's redundant and so. I think it's going to be a great experience on sad to visit. But i truly believe it will be some of the craziest news. We've seen this year. It sounds insane and it sounds worse than the to flatter conferences attended. Well that would certainly be something kelly. Additionally the ron watkins famously. The young man pegged as being q. The cuban cuban on. He's in this kind of stuff and he's getting in with lyndale. What's going on there. Oh yeah so ron. Watkins may or may not be cuba. He has been posting a lot of conspiracy theories contingent on mike. Lindell's cyber symposium saying look at all these things that are going to align in mid august we got the cyber symposium which is over multiple days. Saying something aligns with it. Let's let's take that with a grain of salt but also saying that there is an emergency broadcast system test on that day. And if you remember back in. I think two thousand eighteen will you wrote about. There is emergency broadcast system testing. Everyone thought thick trump was going to go on and announce the arrest of hillary clinton or whatever lo and behold didn't happen. But those two things are aligning again. And then just yesterday ron. Watkins was uploading what he said. Were on barnstorm new whistleblower. Papers from someone inside dominion immediately noted that those papers are publicly available online and it looks like somebody just printed them out and scan the back to telegram so ron is using his very few connected following. And just linking it right back up with dell. He'll i think you're underplaying your house serious. Ron made these leaks out. He said he literally gave the admiral akbar thing from where he's like. A lot of people died to get information you know and then it is as you said i mean it is just like you can go on the california secretaries as website and find these election machine manuals and he's just like like people really risk their lives to get this stuff out. There are whistle blower risked his life. He risked his family. And i'm like damn like. I don't even know if it has. Hp t. t. s. secure code the url. He got a raise.

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