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Or you can go to Dr Doolittle. uh-huh oh Tom selleck was Turned seventy five yesterday. seventy-five your can he says. Don't buy me anything. Just get that deb reverse mortgage all right. I just saw that commercial Once I was like man Magnum looking good bye. He does the good as he gets paid. But he's I talked about this before he makes so much money with blue bloods and he's been on. TV FOR THIRTY YEARS Forty thirty years here he must subscribe to the more is better. And listen. Don't tell me that you would be above putting on that Leotard and being the intestinal constipation. A patient ghost if that drug company came to you and offered you the Gig you would do it all right. I would but I'm not Tom Celik. I don't have Thomas Anywhere near Tom. SELLECK money right. I just don't understand these guys like the here's another one. Hey I'm Joe Nemeth you know. I called up Social Security and they said you can get a better deal. You didn't call social security who I know who. You're pitching too but that was not you. I just don't get these is guys that have all the money in the world and they do. These cheesy spots was taught. Todd was it you that told me something about Joe Nemeth that I didn't know I only knew. Joe Nemeth methods like the guy that did Pani were pantyhose. Great quarterbacks ended up going to Los Angeles and play for the rams when one or two years before he retired tired was there was telling me something about the very beginning of Joe Nemeth's career like when he was in college or something or was that my husband and he does accuse me of not listening to music sports stories. It's probably leniently. He's not incorrect. Yeah it's Alabama. So he's up. Yeah well here's the thing Henry winklers does this too and so does William Shatner those that have money will keep working because they love having money and you got to remember Celik he had he had a decade or so where he really really didn't do much magnum blueblood he tried that Quigley down under he tried to be a big screen actor and he really didn't have much. Hey speaking of the smallest violin L. in the world speaking of the Shatt he's not gonNA need to reverse that mortgage because I saw yesterday that he will be keeping every nickel of his one hundred million dollar fortune in his latest divorce Iran. I'm assuming that's because he had a pre nup you know it was this authored by the Devil's own addicted to being in front of people and they let go of that. Yeah I mean like Larry King come along along with these cheesy garlic commercial or league elitist younger. He's on Russian TV. Why why are you going on Russian? TV they're the enemy. I guess he feels like if I'm not Larry King what that's the reason why for people over sixty five. The clerk and bring serious complications Bieber can mean the flu so watch for symptoms with the exergen temporal scanner. It's quick and easy to use. Here's Bob and Sheri aren't Martha Stewart has weighed in Bob on the thing that you don't need to serve about your Super Bowl party she and snoop when you watch the game on Sunday. Well if you're like me you're only watching for the commercials Demi Lovato in the halftime show but when you watch watch the game keep an eye out for the toes-to-toes commercial featuring snoop and Martha It's for a new kind of salsa that tostitos has and the basic sick premise of the ad is chips are good and sauces. Good The batter together snoop is good. Martha's good they're amazing together. So that's the basic premise of the AD. So here's what Martha says. You don't have to bother with it your super bowl party. She said you have to keep people's energy going at a super bowl party already. Savory foods are better for the super bowl than sweet and you should have a really good drink like a signature cocktail that will keep people coming back for more. Do not serve fancy desserts. Skip it don't waste your energy on it. You have to be careful with the signature cocktail. The Super Bowl goes on for a longtime and if your signature cocktail is a gallon iced tea. We got a problem if it's a really strong Martini or something like that. I mean before the first quarter is you got some blitz people there well the good thing about having a signature cocktail is you can control how strong it is. Let's let's say you make like Some sort of Sangria You can add fruit juices that and some club Soda. Put that in a big pitcher. Now I can tell by your face. I'm not sure what would you think. I'm twenty one years old now. This is my first experience with alcohol at a Mexican restaurant. Also I only watch the commercials and the singing. Of course I would make a signature Sangria Arte Margarita. You can kill you got to that makes sense that pitcher of Marguerite because I I have a friend and she's terrific and she throws a party. It's terrific but her signature. Cocktail is the strongest Martini. I have ever had in my life. I get through through half of that thing. I'm done for the night. Listen I came to your house one night and Mary's friend. Lynette served me a signature cocktail. It was a swarm talking about. It was a blueberry COSMO right it was. It was a lavender and blueberry COSMO. It was delicious. Three sips in all of the Tamil dissolved and I was hallucinating. I know so McCloy hurl. You poor drank. Yeah Yeah Stop. Stop Halfway through the thing. I think that she's right when she says savory foods is she talking about Chips and dip. She said Oh the Sir can wings ribs. You got to have some debt. It's all about like savory food. You're seven layer bean dip your. What's that stuff you like the rotel? Yeah Yeah Chicken Wings Pizza Fried Ravioli. Like she's running meatballs. I think she's right. You know I have to say something about Martha and Snoop. This is one of the most original pairings that I've seen in the world of show business a long time. It's so genius it's entertaining retaining but on top of that. The marketing possibilities because of the ying in the Yang of the two of them are amazing. showbusiness humanity. Yeah yeah this is an iconic pairing in the history of humanity snoop said Martha said recently about snoop. They're business partners now in a couple adventures as well as really genuinely really good friends. She said Snoop is amazing. He's so avant-garde is so much talent. I can't think of another pairing hiring like them because usually you try to get to people that are somewhat alike right like named Kelly with the live with Kelly and whoever yeah regis was older but there were similarities. There could be brothers. Exactly EXAC DOC. Michael Strahan Oh did you have trauma. He just came out and said horror that T- everybody he was like. I'm not going to be anybody's. He's side kick and that's what he said. He felt like that show. And you know why he felt that way. I think he felt that way because he didn't expect her to be as strong as she. It is because I've I don't watch that show regularly but if I'm on vacation or something Mariel Habit on She really is the alpha in in that show. She's the the funny one shell sort of. Is I think to our. Tell me. Tell me if you think this is a possibility. So so Michael Strahan who by the way landed in a very nice comfy spot at Good Morning America. So he's fine and by the way the network asked him to move. Yeah so it wasn't really his fault. It was just poorly handled by everybody. Tell me what you think about this. So Regis is is going to retire from live with Regis and Kelly and there was because I remember when this was all going down. There was so much talk of Ken. This show survive without regis will. Will there still be alive without regis. Can Kelly do it without regis and Kelly heard all of that. Both what was said publicly. And what you and I both know. Okay we work in this business was said behind the scenes and in the hallways and Kelly got her shorties nodded up which I would have to and said this is my show and yes there will be alive after Regis and I will show you be in charge. She said hold my beer beer by then then she really became. I think funnier and here comes Michael. Strahan by the time Ryan Roldan things. Some probably at settled down and the.

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