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About for WGN TV news this morning. How are things improving your IQ? A little bit, I would say, I would say visibility is now more of the issue than really slick Rosie. As far as the expressway to go, I am actually now on the tri state. Um We just left our live location at the old O'Hare Oasis where we've been kind of keeping tabs on things. Snow has been coming down, but For the most part that should be winding up here in the next couple of hours. So that's really good news. As far as the roadways go the expressways Anyway, Clouds have been able to really do a good job of keeping up with this notes or so far. The road really, just wet earlier this morning, That was a much different story. We saw Sort of accidents. People sliding off the roadways, especially in the overnight hours when the snow is coming down very heavy and the plows that really not have chanced Oh, Get a good operate hand on the roadways here. That's all changed. Now. As far as the expressway Joan, I keep keep saying that because the reports from the side streets all over the city and goes to the suburbs that is a completely different story. We're being told those air really just kind of a match. Of course, the city of Chicago always does the side street. Laugh. They always get those main roads first to make sure people can get to the expressways to begin with, and kind of get about around out in about if they absolutely need to hear today. Um, but you know, things are starting to improve, so that's always good news in the plows are starting to get to some of those side streets. But they still got their work cut out for him. It's going to take awhile. That's for sure. Yeah, we hear Still a lot of cars slipping and sliding, especially up north. So as they say on TV when it's cold out, better wear your pants. And as they say on the news on days like this allow extra time and and you know you When you hear that you slap your head and you say to yourself, I never would have thought of that. Thanks for telling me. You want to keep going with the cliches we could do the The pack your patient easy out there. I mean, there's there's two video. I tried to stay away from all of you Do appreciate it, Eric have a great day. You too, My friend. Thanks for the reporting a 43. And we have a lot of feedback. Here. Let me go through some of these emails and texts. Hearing from people about the teachers union situation and co vid just on a plane last weekend, many not wearing masks, flight crews not enforcing their own rules. You know what average stories about this that really it's up to the passengers. If you spot somebody without the mask. You know, call the flight attendant over and they will take care of it. But it's hard for them to police the whole plane at all times. Good morning, Bob. Tell your caller Martha to get her rear end back in school. We all need to be safe. But we are out there. Working teachers have had enough paid time off. Mill. That was the counterpoint to what that caller told us here the other morning. How about my wife and I miss your chats with Marianne on Fridays? Is there any chances feature will return a loyal listener in central Illinois. Thank you for asking. Yes, Um Mary Ann's been taking care of her mom because, unfortunately, her step Dad passed away in Florida, but I think we'll be back with her this week. If the media emphasized the long term symptoms instead of mostly elderly deaths. We get a lot better compliance to covert protocols we have been talking about. Those long haulers as they're called Heavenly Ah, quit telling people make appointments for covert. There are no pharmacies online taking any yet, and the county still does not have appointments on their site. Well, not entirely too. It's hard, but a friend of mine called me last night, and he got lucky on the Walgreens site. And Dave. I know Pierre if I right? Yeah, Absolutely. It's not easy, though. You know, you gotta be gotta be very patient and persistent. Yes, you do. Bob. I think you should streak across the Michigan Avenue Bridge again. It would be a great promo for WGN. Or bring back the Bs. Love counselor. Uh, bad idea on both fronts. I'll tell you the story of the streak if you don't know what some other time, please. Mm. Oh, and we got a couple of messages about our interview yesterday with Jerry Lucas, who wrote a book called Where The Tour Bus is. Don't go. And this person from Oh, it's Janine from Jefferson Park Hae Red Juries book over the summer absolutely loved it, a highly recommended to listeners. Bob, You must remember the song. Strange things happen in this world similar to the Resurrection Mary story. Her name was Lori. She died a year ago. Her date found out when he took her sweater to her house. Dicky Lee was the artist. Yes, The song is called Lori. Strange Things happen and got an email from Craig in Libertyville about that, too. The story about the young girl that jumped out of the car and through the cemetery gate on Archer Avenue sounds very similar to the old Dicky Lee Song Laurie. Strange things happen. We'll have to play that when we do our record collection segment early in the morning. Let's take a quick break here and update everything, and then we'll talk a little sports. Steve what is going on out there at the moment? Well, the radar shows scenario of moderate says, still falling still north northwest of Chicago places like Evanston and Wilmette, Winnetka. Although we really over to Carol Stream and Weeden and Warrenville, and we saw a little break in the snow here for the city of Chicago, but we expect that to pick up here with an area of some light snow approaching downtown Looks like a lake enhancement will kick in this afternoon. And that could bring us a little bit more accumulation. That'll impact Lake County, Illinois and Cook County Eastern portions of those counties high near 31 today and then Seymour Lakefront Stone tonight into tomorrow. 23 for a low overnight in 25 for a high tomorrow. Right now in Chicago. It's 30 with snow at O'Hare 31 Flurries at Midway 30 here at the lakefront Baseball will begin saying goodbye, the Hammer and Hank Today,.

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