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Sahara on that no. I don't think so. I don't think so. He wasn't. how old is hana compared to jeeter. Well same age but -posedly five years younger and also very steroid. There was so many great shortstops a little bit before that time. Though barry larkin and omar vizquel. I mean there was was that was that was. Yeah but that was before that the nineties early two thousands was the age of the shortstop. Jeeter jeter was one of the first jeeter and a-rod we're one of the first big body guys there were other ripken was ripken was definitely The the guy leading the charge because live ripken was definitely a bigger than most and i think he kind of paved the way for some of these other guys anyway yet. They're the nomar jeeter thing. It's hilarious it's it's a good one. I'm glad the red sox out a little chuckle on that because it's not it's not close when you see the careers. Jeeter destroys always fun to remember number three dj three k. Church family kalamazoo one thing. Three two come three got together and written this script got told me to pick up three thousand hits the glorious history the charges you what david price stage everything he can handle two through some change. I think he finally drew a slider. What we've seen derek home runs. The other way we've seen a pulse of homerun juice. Some off speed pitches. Remember three thousand. Derek jeter this is another non. Playoff just isolated. This is a milestone moment for derek. Jeter his three thousand hit history with an exclamation point. I'm okay with that michael. Kay calls better than where fantasy becomes reality. Jeeter homerun off david price. I three thousand hit. He goes five for five in. That game ends up driving in the winning run in the eighth inning. This maybe you think it's too high. Maybe you think it should be higher lower. Whatever we all knew he was gonna get three thousand like you said barring a career ending injury he was gonna reach three thousand. Yeah but to do it with a home. Run as the first yankee going for five. After to that point in the season on july ninth derek. Jeter stat line was to fifty seven three twenty one. Three twenty nine yeah. He was struggling bad. That is dog shit. He was horrendous up until that moment and after the game he he said. I've been lying for a long time telling you guys. There was no pressure. The one time dirge feels pressure in his entire career is nothing to do with game importance and only do with like a personal milestone thankfully in the world series. He's he's cool. I'm good in the world series but in this in this personal moment when he was probably worried about detracting from the team. I got to get this out of the way so we can just move on with our season. He gets it off price and five for five. That was a to me that stood out as a moment and then he from there on out after that moment for the rest of the season hit three thirty eight three ninety two four two four fifty one so he was derek jeter again after he got that out of the way so again this one tells that tells the tale of why these moments are so different because of this. One is yeah. It's a it's a. It's a game in the middle of the year. But it's an it's an accolade that is huge and he does it in grand fashion. That's that's the thing with him. He's got that he's got the moment he's got the the i for for the big moment. He likes the dramatics. He likes all the the good stuff. It's not like you look at that guys like oh that guy is screaming for attention. Not like that kind of thing. She just likes the it seems like he's he's he's a magnet for big moments. It's just it's crazy how he does it in in fashion. And you can't even call it. We've had this debate on clutch for for a couple of weeks now like this isn't even clutch because it took forever to get there. But it's dramatic in the way in the way that it went down because everybody's trying to be at the stadium when this happens everybody's trying to get that one ticket to be at the stadium when this happens and it doesn't happen doesn't happen and people got lucky on that day. So the fact that he went five for five as as took boot with a home. Run to to to get that three thousand very baby. I mean there's that's just it's just you know a very big moment that epitomizes the who he is and how he does things he was only the second player in history to get his three thousand hit with a home run. The first is wade boggs and then obviously it a few years later. That always bothered me. Era did it as well. It just like really. You couldn't have just got a single up the middle a-rod you had to get a home run to. Yeah but wasn't it raining and there was nobody there which was that when he when it was raining in his final day is final game ever. It was a rain delay. Yeah that's right. And the next day was aaron. Judge day but no that was off. Justin verlander and i also believe justin verlander group fastball. Well again that's rice didn't groove derek. Jeter anything in his at bat. It was an eight pitch at bet and he hit a slider down in zone to left field..

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