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Our first stop is Baltimore with the Ravens have a comfortable lead over the Giants. Let's get Morfogen Craig Heist 14 Nothing. They lead the New York Giants 12 51 to play here in the second quarter. And check out these pouring drives. 13 plays 82 yards, 8 12 off the clock. 10 plays 65 yards 505 off the clock. Ravens had the ball in the first quarter, a total of 13 minutes and 17 seconds. Lamar Jackson hit Hollywood Brown on the first drive in the game. From six yards out to give the Ravens the lead that came back with JK Dobbins two yard touchdown run to make it 14 Nothing. 57 is Jackson for 52 yards through the air and the touchdown pass. He's got 34 yards on fourth carries on the ground. And the Giants have done virtually nothing offensively so far in this game rich and they trailed 14 nothing. 12 51 to play here in the second quarter. All right, thank you very much, Craig. So a tough start here for the Giants. Teague's exact start. The Ravens are hoping for. Let's send Adam Spillane in Houston, where the Texans have pulled a little closer. Rich in Texas. Get on the board on a 21 Yards jogo from kindly Fairbairn. The Texans got a 50 yard catch from braiding cooks on that drive to get them inside the five, but they saw inside the red zone Right now, the Bangles have a third and seven from their own 42 yard line. As Brendan Allen, who had a good start to this game drops back in complete the path and that's going to be enough for a first down. It looks like it's tea, Higgins right across midfield. So Alan is now 10 out of 12 to start this game. He has a touchdown pass. Drew sample on eight yard touchdown that put the Bangles on top seven. Nothing so under 14 minutes to play in the first half. It's the Bangles seven and the Texans three Adam. I said there's a couple of minutes ago, and you have been watching this game or in depth than I have. But it just seems that the Bangles are getting no pressure on Shawn Watson thus far. They really haven't been able to get much pressure. Really? That's been the case. I think for both of these teams on D, although, in fairness, it's not like Watson to drop back a ton in this game. You only have seven attempts so far, but, yeah, neither pass Rush has been very good. So far today, though, that's for sure. All right. Thank you very much. Adam Split, Let's head to Christian Vetter in Kansas City, where it's a surprisingly low scoring game, those far a little more than a quarter in All right, rich just watching the cheese there, go forward eight of 13 on four towns and go forward again on 1/4 down and one at the Atlanta 46 Darryl Williams. Picking up that with about a five or six yard run. So the Chiefs now in Atlanta territory, no score between the chief and Falcons 11 17 left here in the second quarter. The Falcons have pondered on each of their first three possessions, but Are leading in the time of possession. 11 minutes, six minutes Trying to run the ball with Vito Smith, six carries 34 yards but unable to convert on a third down and 10 at their 16 that rise, sacked again on a corner blitz by Jerry Sneed. So they forced their third punch The Chiefs get the ball back and are now excuse me in Atlanta territory. No score between the Chiefs and Falcon 10 39 left here in the second quarter. What it's so far Christian has the lead The chief's defense done really, to contain Patrick Mahomes is it just hasn't seemed like they've been anything they've been able to get anything going. You mean the Atlanta defense on? You know, I think it's more the chief's achieved have just, you know, they made some plays when he started the game with a big play. Um T O Travis, Kelsey, Travis Kelsey, just the one catching this game 10 yards to get a first down, but it just seems like the chief sir, are kind of just kind of playing it close to the vest, and I don't know if it's so much the Chiefs or Atlanta, but Atlanta has to give them credit. They've been a little bit more aggressive. I know Holmes has been knocked down at least one time. I don't believe he's got any sex in this game, but they're being aggressive and obviously on the road. And going after Patrick your homes and putting the pressure on that offense. All right. Thank you very much. Christian Vetter in Kansas City, the only one of the six going on right now that has no scoring surprisingly enough, especially the way these two teams have put points on the board. Let's end the Jeff Hawthorne in Pittsburgh, where both teams have found the scoreboard. So far, Jeff here's has more Yeah, You got the sense that the feelers offense was going to need some help to score and they got it from their defense. EJ water is a sack earlier in the game with a forced fumble. That fumble picked up by Mike Hilton returned to the three yard line. Still is would need a little help of an offside by the Colts to get it down to the one or James Connor rusted in on third down a one yard touchdown run for the Steelers. Even this game, Jonathan Taylor had a six yard touchdown earlier in this game. Early in the second quarter, and Steelers seven cult seven at Heinz Field. All right, thank you very much. Jeff Hathorn in Pittsburgh, where they are all tied up the bears extending their lead over the Jaguars, and it's a good news. Bad news because the least for his forest today is concerned. Don't not want to look ahead through the draft pick, but good news. The Jack Jags defense had a nice stand. Bad news is they didn't give up some points. Here's Brian Scheibel with more Yeah. You're right with the left and satisfying results for the bear is probably on this. Dr. Oliver. Did you extend the leads Mitchell? True. Risky.

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