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If you can't we they think that you can't make pirate then they're gonNa have to foreclose things that I mean these are the kind of factors that scare people when it comes to investing in property. So I think the share market becomes very attractive as a result and part of that is diversification and this is part of the risk management as well as the you can on the share market fine diversification is that the case? Yes, that is true. Look look at various things because getting also invest in property in the share market by investing in real estate investment trusts rates as we call it. So there's lots of opportunities in which you can use or invest in other industries other markets. If you will other sectors. Sir Diversification is very important not putting all year eggs in one basket and diversification also means being in different asset classes, not just in the share market and like. Rates are an example that you gave actually that's something I'm going to have to do on this podcast ever covid rates. Real Estate. Trust yeah. Thanks for reminding. US problem, but there's things like bonds and fixed interest in so many other things and they are available as well on the on the Essex. That's correct. ME..

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