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So my gut feeling c c come come back book never know opec uh a couple more questions for you here uh patrick peterson um you remember the pop route see this week so let me ask you let's let's get you is a member of the media analyzing super bowl fifty two i do you think this plays out here in minneapolis between the eagles in the language speaker oil rich talking not real good you know i really go like give a prediction but i'm just really look before good gay and it helped the better get power in 30 billion hot right now so honestly under look i'm just i'm just looking for a great game and i and i and i think it's gonna be a great game because it's silly jumped everybody is going to be watching to see if tom brady get pulled out again if tom brady is up everybody's gonna do you know excise if she didn't blow i won't say cited book intriguing see him getting a six rang so it's gonna it's gonna be a great game and i'll just looking for great how do you think gary's is going to be in uh in the media gets a tv job that we're all expecting what he's saying how he's gonna be great she go go go there's going to be great the i can't wait to see him um you know that that smile though he has fiu got a very has um he definitely gonna have a lot of people cylinder but and then a patrick last one for you this could be the most important question of asked you throughout this interview okay do you have a ninevolt battery in the house for that fire alarm that keeps chirping patrick that you have an idol that through their retired abbott been home in a week so.

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