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The world was a little more fair with that kind of stuff and you know took all of these cases. It really really seriously like. I know we're talking about it but we're talking about it. Because i mean frankly everywhere and it would be weird of us to skip it at this point and i like i said i wish the world was a little more a little bit more fair because you know there are other little girls and boys and things like that that happen. You know the all the kids in atlanta like learns ago just disappeared. And i mean there's so many things and you know nobody heard about that story except people. I'd actually yeah. It actually liked to do that one. I somebody think it was a buddy. I one of my best friends told me to do that. One and i never heard that. That's the thing like i mean. I don't remember the number. But there were quite a few children that disappeared in atlanta. And i mean a lot of them were found again just they weren't found alive but i mean it's just there there. There was so much to that story and And it and it grips that whole part of atlanta gripped them for. I think it was the better part of a year or two that this was happening at. Yeah seventy nine eighty one or eighty two. I think yeah so. I mean that's what i mean like. Obviously i don't i don't want to take away from from what's happening with the story but at the same time. I want to be very clear that this is an this. This kind stuff happens more often and it's just we don't we don't hear about as much which happens every single day and honestly it happens a lot you know in situations that are that are a lot worse right though. Yeah well here you know. And and you're right ryan. You're absolutely correct. It's it's a shame that that people only want to that. We only cover. What people wanna hear right and i think that that there's a lot to these other stories and like even even like going back to the one that everyone knows now but i guarantee no one knew before adnan siad the the original series No one knew that story. No one knew it No one had any idea any of that had ever happened and then And then they make a show out of it and it's massive and and such. That's that's because it was done very well and it was a very compelling story but that but that's the point and you know th that's upsetting that upsets me personally that everybody's talking about this but this kind of stuff happens all the time and yeah. That's all that's all. I got to say about that. Okay so box. I'll put it away. It's over there back to this. I i just like. I said i just want to be found. I want there to be an answer. And and i want somebody somebody to say or speak up or answer for what happened to this girl because she seemed to be a very lovely person and i don't want nobody should ever have to go out of the world that way. Ever right right yeah. Thank you so much for joining us to talk about this. Obviously like we said at the beginning and like we've said so many times. There's so many unanswered questions here. In you know Sadly and we didn't get into this. There's a lot of weird conspiracy theories out there A lot of them hold absolutely no merit and we don't even wanna really entertain them. They exist and i feel like it'd be weird if we didn't say they exist at least acknowledge them but the reality is that this looks to be pretty straightforward up to a point up until basically august twenty seventh on..

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