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Cats when the iphone first came out and steve. Jobs opposed allowing third party. Apps on it as walter. Isaacson writes in his jobs biography. Jobs quote didn't want outsiders to create applications for the iphone that could mess it up infected with viruses or pollute its integrity. Eventually jobs relented and you might say the rest is history. Today there are more than two million apps available in apple's app store this makes sense iphones and iphone apps or what. Economists call complementary goods. There are lots of good apps available demand for iphones will increase indeed making the app store into a marketplace ensures that enterprising app developers can fill niches that no one else including an apple would otherwise imagine jobs is concerned about the tension between quality control and openness lives on last year Epic gain sued apple. Alleging that tight controls apple sets on third party apps along with the commission's collects on enact sales violate the antitrust laws epic versus attracted a lot of attention. And for good reason the cases both momentous in its own right and worth watching for what might tell us about the various other litigation and potential legislation being aimed at the nation's largest tech companies epoch versus apple proceeded to a bench trial before judge yvonne gonzalez rogers in the northern district of california. Last friday. she issued her ruling. Everyone seems to agree that the ruling is best describes as being mostly in favor of apple. Success is not illegal judge wrote nonetheless how far that mostly in mostly in favor of how far that goes is an interesting question and when i look forward to discussing with my guest indeed. I'm very excited about my guest today. Jeff manny is the president and founder of the international center for law and economics. I've admired his work for a long time. He's been watching epoch versus apple closely today. He'll be telling us all about judge. Rogers decision and what we should make of it jeff. It's really great to have you on scarves. It's great to chance to chat with you. Yeah there's a lot to unpack here from the weird way that epic chose to start. The lawsuit to epic was complaining about the various specific rulings. That judge gonzales. Rogers made so you know. Please feel free to start wherever you like. Let me let me start here. You raised the the the question whether well you mentioned the statement that most people think the decision was mostly in apple's favor into question sort of exactly how much and i think that's an interesting place to start. Start at the end. That seems chair. He's moving.

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