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KYW news time six oh four students in the. Philadelphia. School district go back to class today this is the first time day one is before Labor Day some cobbs creek neighbors are celebrating with a festival this morning KYW's Marc Abrahams joining. Us live with more good morning Mark good morning Carol we're here at the William Cullen Bryant promise academy out. Here in, cobbs creek and. What, we've got. Is, a the the they're just getting ready to have, the, community in for a festival they're going to give. Away backpacks, to the kids they're going to have. All kinds of food and haircut coupons had vouchers for all kinds of goodies here this is the first. Time. That. Community groups here in cobbs creek, or doing that the event is going to. Run from six. O'clock until her those to getting a setup at six but they'll start at seven for the community and it'll run till about eleven o'clock reporting live from cobbs. Creek Marc Abrahams KYW NewsRadio well after. A summer of mold lead in. Bestest cleanup Philadelphia's schools chief. Assuring parents that school buildings are safe on this first day. Of classes years, KYW's Mike DeNardo last school year ended, amid. Headlines about, unhealthy. Conditions in Philadelphia's aging school buildings we can say with a great deal of. Certainty that though those issues have been resolved, school superintendent William Hite says crews have worked all summer to remove. Festas fibers mold spores and lead paint from schools. All those buildings of safe for students to return the work however will continue says some classes will. Have. To relocate while rooms are repainted using eight million dollars in state money Mike DeNardo k. whatever NewsRadio KYW news time six oh six authorities are investigating another mass shooting in Florida this. One was at a video game tournament the shooter has been identified as a twenty four year old Baltimore man, police say Two people were killed and at least nine people were injured the shooter then killed himself it. Was supposed to be a fun weekend of gaming. But one of those gamers allegedly opened fire after he. Lost a match Gary Chastain who had played. Earlier the weekend was on his way back at the time the Florida shooting occur That someone.

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