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White BC coming up on Tony Katz today the media still moves narrative they just don't move the truth that story coming up in three minutes a training exercise gone wrong for the Iranian navy fox assignment and one Iranian warship accidentally hitting another with a missile during a training exercise Iran's navy say nineteen sailors have been killed another fifteen are injured state media reports the incident happened in the Gulf of Oman off around southcoast the first chip reportedly firing at a target released by the second ship but that second ship was struck it's the second serious incident this year involving a misfired missile by Iran's armed forces a passenger plane was shot down in January Simon Allen fox news special prosecutor being sought in the investigation of a police officer shooting and killing a man in Indianapolis Sean Reid was running from officers refused to stop when he exchanged gunfire with them last week causing hundreds to protest in the days that followed some piece of all others not so much most of us want to be fair and wait till we see all of the evidence before we make a conclusion reference Charles Harrison of the anti ten point coalition who says people have the right to protest what happened but it's when things turned violent that he says their message gets heard there are only two episodes left of the last dance ESPN's ten part documentary about Michael Jordan in the nineties Chicago Bulls the next episode set to air this coming Sunday is likely and I've been to the bulls nineteen ninety eight Eastern Conference finals clash with Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers.

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