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With a big labor day weekend here dollar day today added golden gate veal first post one 45 two o'clock for dhammar 200 seven for ferndale we'll have the ferndale report coming up right after the news knows and of course dollar day means dollar general mission general parking programmes i've dogs those fears and more most of those and then two miles i shall racing for labor day one 145 post and then we'll be off until friday and library seen resume so if you want to go to a place that will be on the water and a little cooler than being in the valley check out the gate golden gate feels were you people on the peninsula aides opening ten report gain for the california jockey club of track wage means site there in san mateo on the fairgrounds they'll to our friends from that work dare the east worked at bay meadows as got the club and samba tale were satellite wage means a reminder that um ferndale delmar and saratoga wrap up their seasons tomorrow their final day of racing and coming up later we have a bull while feature that we're gonna start each week with the professor gordon jones and he'll give us the over numbers on the forty nine israel raiders insights into uh wage me on football games every sunday morning close out program all right we'll be back el us dave us live from ferndale humboldt county redwood's year less had attract marty lori will be here gambia nine o'clock the draft was sentenced on npr six eighty one walk john however you have to cross the finish line do it the only be lives lost bridge.

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