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For the livestream and a schedule of all the great program here on this very network when I'm not on, but for now I am on and what's again graduations to these seem Louis Blues for bring home their first Stanley Cup point hockey there and say Lewis since nineteen sixty seven and for the first time they wanna game in the Stanley Cup finals and they went four games in fact, and that makes them the champs series went the distance. It went seven games but sale Lewis look like they had it early on in Boston in game seven. And it was all they needed. The Bruins did get a goal weight. So they'd send their home crowd off the off season which is crazy. I mean Stanley Cup we Gary Bettman we blew Gary Bettman for really no reason at all other than the fact that it's become tradition and some people love it. So people are just kind of over it. I think you know, in this market here in Phoenix were grateful to Gary Bettman. He's this team here. Paul Tagliabue to do that for the Browns. David Stern did deal for the Seattle SuperSonics but Gary Putman has kept hockey in the desert at expanded of the desert to Las Vegas team that we saw last year's Stanley Cup final. What a what a series what a what a story that they were January third. If trailed every team in the NHL in points bounce back to reach the playoffs. I mean it was it was questionable for a while there. They, they shot up through the wildcard ranks and into a guaranteed spot in vio-, the division round of the playoffs and rhino Riley acquired Vivey, Buffalo Sabres, Pat, maroon interim coach got rid of Mike Yao Bri. You know, they weren't even that pad seven ninety three brand premium Craig ruby, and you're the respite history. Seven games in, you know, they're celebrating their celebrating in Boston a in the gardens, not the act. It's the garden, but the other celebrating at the Boston Garden in front of disappointed Boston crowd. And you know what was the final game seven because it was a runaway late. I think it was four nothing. It was he might have three nothing and the Bruins put went in, and they made a kind of interesting there for a few minutes. But this was Saint Louis game to win. Say Luis would've liked to close it out in game six but nobody was winning on their own mice came one Boston wins on their home ice for two to game four the blues weighed in Saint Louis, four to two not one other game of this series was a four to five all and not one other game in this series did the home team went five of the seven games went to the visiting team was the blues. Three two overtime in game two broods all over it. I thought the series over bridge, go to one. They end up opportunity to go three one, you know again in Saint Louis. Add every time he lost you'll be lost in game one. He bounced back yelled, Igal, the Pru institute goals, Jordan Bennington. Gets destroyed in game three holds them to goals again in game four. Game five the blues win to two one gives up five goals in game six year. Like oh, you can't even start him in game seven. Berbie starts them, and he plays brilliant. You know, for. The about fifty minutes, but fifty five minutes there's like six minutes left. When the Bruins scored I'm not doing this in real time of doing this long after the fact that, you know, I got to joint, I didn't have to think about what I was gonna talk about the night that they won the Wednesday out of out of been on the air. Hey, have to pick about it with the Toronto. Raptors either just kinda got to know how I felt about Toronto. But you know, I also go back Toronto..

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