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And then you were like, yes, you'll Puig back in the day. You you're winning. But. I don't think that baseball players are wired that like somehow he's acquainted being the highest paid player in the game where like eclipsing Giancarlo Stanton's contract as winning and I'm like, no, I wouldn't from Las Vegas. This is like basically signing with your home, and you would own Dodger Stadium, and it would be great for your brand. And it would be great for you're going to win here. Like, what are you? What are we missing here? I everybody be funny. She. I know I'm gonna miss him. You're playing those those live forever on this show. Okay. Good. Vince gully is still selling me farmer. John hajjaj. Do we can just play. We can do a whole segment of just drop. Hey, I see you soon baby. Great. I know he doesn't miss those people Robin his house for like what time. Yeah. He wasn't winning. Then that was for sure. Yeah. Yeah. It it'll be fascinating to see how it works out. Now passan told us before we move onto the brunt that he thinks the dodgers will hold out for Aaron Nado next year. And that's the guy they really will go after give the big crazy long contracts. Make sense. He's third base. You Reputation no. on his way out splits outside of Colorado. Not so good to sixty three hitter. He Long Beach collecting, I yeah. Yeah. And his slugging percentage goes down significantly like it's not it. I afraid of that stuff. That's just me. So how afraid are you of LeBron missing another three games? According to the Los Angeles Lakers. She's now missed eight he will miss eleven total. I'm actually glad. Yeah. I'm glad he's he's not rushing back. And I thought there was a real chance that he would rush back with that Friday time line because they have the Cavs coming up on Sunday that would have been nice game for him. Then you have a couple of plane. The bulls at home on Tuesday, that'd be like a nice comeback type of game. Either of those. I thought were the targets and especially when they went one five without him. They lost those three in a row. But then they just won the last two and they look at a little better. So we can sit out some more and really give that time to heal. Yeah. I look to be like you've talked about this earlier in the show. It's like, it's January, right? Like. This isn't even when LeBron really ministers to think about any of this stuff. So generally after the all star break, he tends to kind of hone in a little bit..

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