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Why to call me a war world. I have no idea. All I want to do is to create the perfect genetic soldier, not for evil. For good. Blanca will be the first of many they shall not out of my laboratory. Okay. Right there. You can stop you. Can you hurt march out of his laboratory, which, by the way, by the way, they're making this Hulk. Slash Encino man thing that escapes toward the end. That's a brand and Frasier reference if you've ever seen Pauly Shore's Encino man, But there was this creature that looks like a cave man slash the whole has slashed Encino man. That breaks free other than his cape throwing my other favorite thing, Because I'm Jason and I noticed these things and you'll see that my instagram video. There are drip bags that they attached to this whole thing. And these drip bags are the biggest drip bags you will ever see in your life. They are so over the top, and they're like taffy colors. They're like orange and, like neon, green and neon blue to make this genetic Whole thing on and every time they took a shot of these drip bags just cracked me up. Also speaking of color, Jean Claude Van Damme's hair is not a color in any cran box I've ever seen in my life because blend of blonde Brown. It's like an orange ish kind of orange. It's It's like, Yeah, it's like when you go to the beauty salon and a trainee works on your hair. You know what I mean? And it's like you didn't work. Yeah. Or or for kids of the eighties. It's when you overused a big bottle of sun in Yes, that's the that you put lemon juice in your hair. Yeah, yeah. And then that's the color of Jean Claude Van Damme's hair. Um, s O N. E. And then he on the good side, There's a sumo wrestler. There's these two dudes. They're like They're crooks at the beginning of the movie. They're like they're they're They're not swingers. But there You know, they're kind of there. There, hanky. So those two guys, and then there's a reporter who, in one of my instagram videos about post you think she's a normal reporter and then son of a biscuit. She like whips offer Mike and does these backflips and I'm like Holy as me. Murphy. What is she doing? So she's been secretly trained in the secret Arts. Kylie Minogue's character. No, that is she is Ah Ming not win. Who's if you see her? She's a very famous character actors. She's been around for a while, anyway. So she got mad skills. Well, she has mad skills because she is seeking revenge against general against General now. Yeah, yeah, because General bison Killed her father. Or was responsible her for her father's death. So you have. I think that's what happened. I think that's it was the father's She He was responsible for it in some way. That was part of that. So he does that scene with the world domination. But before that, she she's like a slave to him. He captures her, and he puts her like in these handcuffs. It's very like Princess Leia and return of the Jedi and then you and then she does this long speech and then this is my other favorite part. She does this long monologue about, you know, revealing her seeker and he goes. I don't remember any of that. It was a Tuesday. It was a Tuesday and I was like, Okay, so I will tell you, Alexis that though this is one of the worst movies you've ever ever prescribed to me, That's tonight, Dr dot I did laugh, Maurine this movie than I have in any of them Selves. They really liked.

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