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But when he came here to Kansas City, he was given some some some running backs in the room that did no one ever know about sometimes. And he was he took he took a lead it developing. The Jamaal Charles Spence wears, you know, taking hunt from where he was drafted in development to be a leading leading rusher. As far as in a year for the NFL taking taking running backs in creatine age on his shoulder and having them run with the passion is not something that you look on every team in NFL and that every team possesses that coach be enemy has been able to. Especially that running back room kind of take lemons and make lemonade sometime now that the guys are sour. They're not good players. But I don't think anybody would expect type of production. We've seen we've seen the running back position over the last couple of years here without Coachman even blessed with some good players to even besides AP. Like you came in here and cream hunt was here. Jamaal Charles psych to me, you gotta have good players. Not to say that he's not a great coach. But he's also had some fantastic town. These are the words from Jay Glazer of the Atlantic. I love Eric enemy really connects with players. Well, and he's learned under Andy Reid for a long time. Now, he's very creative and instantly energizes a room. And I don't think he would lose himself. That's happened. Sometimes two guys when they get a head coaching job. They somehow lose themselves or lose the ability to pull the trigger on something or become someone. They're not he doesn't see that happening with Eric. You're in the training camp room coaches room as an intern a fellow this this. Last this past summer. What did you make of the enemy behind closed doors? What did you see from him when he dealt would guys and getting his hands on some of these players? I I saw the same thing in any fan who came up to training camp heard Phil coach me enemy on a daily basis. He didn't mix words he led his emotion show. If a player, you know, backfield guy jumped went wrong way wasn't prepared into the huddle. He made it known early often his expectation of guys being ready to go and go at how level coming out that bag field overall when he took possession of the offense that just got got spread to the entire offense that same emotion passion. He used to hold that standard of professionally hill to his only has running back room. Now got expanded to cover the entire offense of set. So this is one of the most loud and rowdy often sides of the ball is from coaching stamp when ever seen as far as training camp. But I knew you'd be back from the barber shop. I mean, we both get here because purple barbershop nothing to want because everybody's here when the team he's like the the barb of the pros, and it comes to Kansas City, but even hearing be enemies, the Meena and speaking to individuals young men in the barber shop the way he carries himself is always been one of influence. He doesn't he doesn't let the wind blow him. It doesn't shake his character. His demeanor his integrity. He stands pack. He has a great foundation. And I think he he expresses that to two men in expect him to step up to to emulate that same type of integrity so shout out to coach Vienna me as far as his character and his demeanor. I look at these teams that are interested in interviewing him here. Again, he said no to the cardinals New York Jets. Miami dolphins. Tampa Bay bucks. Cincinnati bengals. Is there really good fit? Among those teams. I don't think those are any good situations..

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