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Because I am dealing with the dregs. The worst of the worst people like arapahoe Kia that'll sell a five hundred dollar car to a mom for four thousand dollars people like Amoco on east Colfax and Brandon who will take a car in under warranty, the warranty company replaces, the transmission and Amco doesn't put it in that car, but possibly sold it. It's missing. So here's what I have to say to all of you. Well, a- somehow my computer went haywire. Or is it me alter, oh, it's me. It's me I'm gonna do it again some other time when I can make sure I have it. So here it is ready. I recorded this very carefully. You know? Good. Mothers, dirty rotten, son. Scum sucking no class asked pimple. Lichi rip off punk puking crap. Eating chump to generate card moronic route turned eating sleazebag snake in the grass, vampire, winking twit. Trolling towed sucking simpleton dumb ass doofus dirtbag there. That's all legal. Wow. It's legal. It's legal. I checked it. And that is what I think of pimp Brandon at three zero three three six six forty eight forty two. I didn't hear what you said. No. I'm not gonna say it again. Now, jack. Let's talk about your problem, Jack, go ahead. How you doing? Vacation the New York. Yeah. We booked a hotel room the night. We only booked it for one night. We didn't know what we were getting into. Anything about the geographics from New York. So we thought well where is this New York City, New York City, and what a queens. Okay. Yeah. That's not optimal for hotels. But okay. What did what did you find over in queens? So we got there at three o'clock in the morning because we were tourists. We went out. Had a couple of drinks. We've been building gun in about three in the morning. Eighty had a couple of drinks two or three nothing crazy and woke up at seven o'clock in the morning to some kind of a power saw outside outside of our room. Now, they're not responsible for what time you got in. But what kind of morons put on a power saw outside of hotel rooms, it has to be more than just your room too. Right. Oh, yeah. By far. So everyone was disturbed by this power. So now, are you? Sure. It was the hotel that had these workers. Yeah. They're doing. They're doing a big remodel on it. And they started at seven in the morning. Seven in the morning. Was this? Thursday morning. Okay. So what did they do when you complained? So we. And it was only go for fifteen minutes to go for five minutes, and we'd get a little rest with finally crawled out got the hell out of there. Eleven o'clock. Did you go to another hotel down the front desk? Very quiet. And they said, well, we'll we'll see what we can do talk to the manager. But we can't make that decision. Okay, fine. So you talked to manager Michael number. It's been a couple of weeks now. So you check that you were going to only be there for one night. Yeah. Yeah. We we plan that because we didn't know and it wasn't. No. But that's fine. That's what I need to know. I don't need to know the story you had only planned to stay one night. They did not cut it short. No. No. No. Okay. So one night you did get to stay there. Did you shower and all that in the morning? Yes. Okay. So I'm I'm trying to discern. If you got value or not. Is there a way we can hear this noise? I mean, did didn't you record it? Yeah. I sent you. Can we play on the air Suzanne? I don't have it loaded. I don't know if we can play it on the air. Is there a way you can send it to Jesse and we can hear it? And you did this from inside your room not from outside. Well, we didn't know at that night. The next week what I'm saying when you recorded it, you were inside your room inside the room, and then it's recorded with this door opened that was literally a construction door on the other side of the room into the concessionary danger. Do not enter so we opened the door recorded the video and then closed the door and did it with a phone. So can you hear it without the door? Can you hear it with the door closed? Correct. You can even with the door close. So this construction bore the construction door was supposed to dampen the sound. Glassdoor? Oh, why did you call it a construction door because it has a sign on says danger, do not and this and that door is outside your hotel room door. Yeah. See you walk in the hotel room, the main door like you normally would walk straight across room to the wall with window is in the window is now all new construction of a high rise building. And so wait a minute here telling me right adjacent to your room. There's construction going. Right outside the window right outside. Okay. And there's a door there. There's a door and it used to be a window. I couldn't tell you what it used to be. There's a window..

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