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That's kind of my majority focus My mother was a legally. Blind macular degeneration. I have dry. Macular degeneration myself knock on wood. It stays dry. So i don't go blind but i have always been interested in blind accessibility since i was a little kid. I read a book called. Follow my leader. That was about a little boy. Who was blinded from workers. And it's the story of how he goes through denial and he ends up where he goes to the braille school. He learns barely gets guy. Dog this whole story but when they got to the braille part they had a picture of what the braille alphabet looked. Like and. I was so intrigued that i got a piece of cardboard punch from the shop and i made myself a little braille displays so that i could learn the alphabet and i taught myself this secret coal from the book and so i think that's kind of where it started. That was my first accessible tool. So now what i do. I taught myself Voiceover on the mac on the iphone. And i actually did a presentation at macworld they had tech toxic at macworld and i did one call blindfolded where i did my entire presentation blindfolded. Yeah it was terrifying. That was the scariest thing i've ever done. I did really well on the iphone. The iphone super easy. It's really really easy to use. And you can't get messed up. I actually ended up having to take the blindfold off briefly during the mac. Part was unfortunate but anyway once i learned that now what i can do is if i get an app. I can check and see if it's accessible and i can't tell you it's really accessible but i can tell you if it's not you know. Yeah yeah if the buttons are all called button yet no you're out or everything's graphics than they aren't elements that you can inspect and things so i just kind of role that in and you know by the way it looks like it's pretty good. I need some people to tested. And i and. I've started writing to the developers and saying. Hey you're so close. If you just put this piece in you could up your name. And and i've ended up with a big blind community because first of all podcasting awesome wind gusts no-brainer But they've kind of collected around me. Because i do talk about it and then. They helped me where i'll say. Hey this seems like it's partially accessible. Can you test it for me. And if it really is so i'm i. I'm truthful to the audience. If i tell him it is morton one. Yeah and the feedback from that is is probably great. Because who else is doing that. Who's not already aligned yet. Because you don't usually shrink about it. Yes yeah and That folded into a bart was inspired by that. When in programming by stealth is he made sure that as we're learning to code for the web. We are learning to code in an accessible way instead of saying okay now. Here's a chapter on accessibility. It's like okay. You're putting in a button. Here's how you label the button so that the screen and reads it. Or here's something. Maybe you want only the screen reader to read. Because it's graphic that the person who could see does it need to here. Yeah doesn't doesn't need to see tech sunscreen here the code. Yeah yeah sure whatever. Yeah that's that's been really fun angle and it just kind of weaves into everything. I do podcast awesome. Well that's about wraps it up. Come back next week for.

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