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Gosh, she says I look over in the window pastor the neon lights of the city of commerce meld together like a time lapse photograph. Yeah. I see. It was a long story she nods and holds my eyes with hers. I wonder what you were like before. I turn to the dark road ahead. White dashes flickering as we drive across them me too. I say then I glanced over at her sorry. That was a little melodramatic. I'm different now. But I'm not that different. Like, I'll always be a bit of a warrior and all always have a hard time, relaxing. But getting hurt like that. It changed me made me see things differently she nods, and I look back at the road. You must have been scary. She says usually when people say this. I shrug and say it wasn't so bad. I was so so scared I see. I look over at her passing the commerce casino where I'd once one three hundred dollars playing poker twice lost two hundred dollars playing poker. Sorry, she says, and it seems like she means it like I said kind I turn back to the dark highway in tap the steering wheel. You know? I say, I'm not sure I've ever told that story that way before how can you tell story a different way? Well, sometimes I talk about how the explosion of my kidney and spleen was a good reminder that I'd lost sight of what I cared about in basketball, which is true, by the way. And sometimes I talk about how without the injury. I don't think I would have connected with writing like, I did which is also true when I was playing for the sons, that's when I got asked to write for their website, which led to the book deal, which led to me being here in LA. Why did you tell it to me this way? The answer is simple because with the right person. It's not about being entertaining or funny or Geraldo telling the story in a simple way. So there's a cause and effect easy to process bang. I got her Bank. I was different with the right person. It's enough to let the story unwind to let them come to their own conclusions. I affected twinkle in my and I say because I think you're worth it. And this is enough for now. Thanks for staying all the way to the end on a serious note. I appreciate that. You took the time to listen to my voice, and I hope you'll subscribe and share with your friends a big thank you to lunch break entertainment for their help in bringing this oral adventure to life because everyone should go on an adventure once in a while. Oh, by the way, that's oral with an AU Google it. If you have to.

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