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Of the New Orleans area. Mayor LaToya Cantrell. Please leave it up to public safety officials to manage The damage is calls by Hurricane Zeta. Forecasters expect data now a tropical storm with 70 Mile an hour winds to move up through the mid Atlantic states today. A citywide curfew is in effect in Philadelphia last night, the National Guard kept watch after two days of protests over the police shooting death of a black man with mental health issues. Okay y W. TV's Greg Argos right now, if you are outside, you're not at work or you're not going to or from work. You are in violation of it. So far, there have been some reports of looting, but nothing as widespread. Is what has happened over the past two nights. Police commissioner says her department will release 911 tapes and video from police body cameras on the same day more than a dozen states at record highs for Corona virus hospitalizations, The FBI warned of a major ransomware attack on U. S hospitals. CBS is Andy Trying private cybersecurity companies have been working on this for days and now the warning has gone public because of Siri's of hospitals have been hit. The FBI says cyber criminals have demanded exorbitant sums in Bitcoin five more days until the election and President Trump and Joe Biden will both campaign and the battleground state of Florida today. CBS's Skylar Henry wasn't a drum held to campaign stops in Arizona Wednesday to court Latino voters. The American Dream plan will bring more than two million new jobs. The former vice president spent the day in Wilmington, Delaware, where he voted early and publicly sparred with the president over the Corona virus pandemic. We've lost more than 220,000 lives of this virus already, but this administration has just given up a defeat for Republicans in the Supreme Court, CBS's Ed O'Keefe, the Supreme Court deciding not to intervene. In Pennsylvania. In a case regarding whether or not they should allow ballots that come in at least three days after election day to be counted, So in essence, state officials can start counting them when they come in high court also refused to cut off the ballot count in North Carolina. This is CBS News. You can listen to CBS News Radio 24 hours a day, seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com map de loaded today Your news live and local This is WCBS news, radio eight radio dot com Station. Good Morning 55. Degrees in New York. It's okay out there now. Partly cloudy but rain from Zeta Will arrive later. The heaviest rain arriving afternoon temperatures will fall to around 50 and then chilly and rainy throughout the rest of the day through the night and into tomorrow. 503 at WCBS on Thursday, October 29th transit ridership is still way.

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