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Me a kind of weight. That detail you have somebody how I feel. It's kind of tough, You know, even though I'm like I'm gonna good. I'm ready to leave. Some Mavericks Dorian Finney Smith after spending a couple of weeks in quarantine at a hotel up in Denver, But he's ready to go now. Good morning from our Mercedes Benz Airplane out Sports Escape. Steve Lamb Smith, Josh Richardson and Dwight Powell had finally been cleared to play again and just in time. Alice will be on the court tonight against the Good Utah Jazz team. They're 13 and four while the Mavericks air 89, currently in 10th place in the Western Conference, and the Dallas Stars, they're still undefeated, still getting it done on the power play, scoring their ninth of the season. After John Klingberg was able to find the back of the net last night of the American Airlines Center. Both has and rest. We're on the right side, so I was shooting towards the I was going left so everyone else is probably going. That's too so we started to shoot on the right side on it was nice to vehicle in this game ended up going to overtime before the Stars beat Detroit Detroit. Won the game on a shot by Jason Dickinson and a big 12 basketball A good one last night down in Austin, the fifth ranked Longhorns taking on Oklahoma baseball pass other end intercepted by Harkless and you can unhitch the wagon put the ponies in the board final score. Sooners 80 Longhorn 79, Brian's good friend Toby Rolling With the end of the Sooners game, they've gotten hot all of a sudden and the big 12 Is a lot of fun to follow with the competition going on the teams in the conference that you look at sports I'm Steve Land coming up in nine. It's d fw's liberty Loving Latino yourself. Saito. Now morning use with Al J and Brian Estrich on Newstalk 8 20 w B a p w v dot com 6 35 BHP Coming up. We've got a story that directly affects how What From apple? That's right. Yeah, Tim Cook, sending him a note will tell you what that's all about here, but first, uh, how we have this for you on now. Another W B a p. Uncomfortable moment. I'm a big fan of doing it. This has been another uncomfortable moment on W b. A P have been wise. Well, well, well, We just thought.

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