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The Ron Burgundy Tyga's of the high heart rate season two baby we've got fog but the rain is done at least for the most part here over the next few days were entering the month of August with temperatures that are actually going to be pretty close to seasonal values some fog stuck around this morning automatic the clouds break up partly cloudy this afternoon eighty six some clouds tonight a mild seventy two summer sixties increasing clouds tomorrow AT four isolated thunderstorms Saturday not a washout highs low eighties sunshine on Sunday in the upper eighties I mean you're all just reached a check from the weather channel on seven ten W. a war in sports news mess broke a one one tie with three runs in the ninth inning then they hang on to beat the white Sox in Chicago forty two Todd Frazier single of the go ahead run Michael Conforto or two run single limits of that one six in a row go for the sweep this afternoon Zack rank as Zack cranky now he's on my mind because he was the only guy that got traded at the deadline Zack Wheeler gets the start for the Mets Zack grant he doesn't go to the Yankees he's going to the Astros not good news for the Yankees the Yankees get a win over Arizona seven to five but they did not make any deals down the stretch so they're gonna just stand Pat well let's move on to wallstreet now the Dow went down three hundred and thirty three point yesterday the nasdaq lost ninety eight S. of P. was down thirty two all on word that the fed was going to cut a key interest rate the fed wrapped up July meetings and lower the fed's benchmark rate to between two and two and a quarter percent you would think it was good but apparently Wall Street didn't like his more from correspondent Rebecca Jarvis said set is that overall things are looking strong however inflation prices are still.

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