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Serve at least a short prison term his lawyers say he deserves no more than probation several correctional officers at a federal prison in downtown brooklyn were arrested and charged with sexually abusing at least six female inmates earlier this year and since then new evidence has come to light suggesting a pattern of sexual assault on inmates going back decades new york times reporter joseph goldstein has been investigating sexual violence at the metropolitan detention center and he joins us now joseph welcome back to wnyc thank you for having me and are you been reporting on this for awhile now you're reported back in the in the spring when these officers were charged and arrested on but how did you find this pattern of abuse what well it's it's described in court papers sit federal prosecutors unsealed back in may but for a few months now i i've been looking into problems in the women's wing at the seized it's cold and in one of the fascinating thing about this story in troubling things who said there well over a hundred jails for prison from the federal bureau prisons from the federal prison system and one would imagine that the most troubled ones would be in the middle of nowhere um far from sort of oversight of lawyers and family members visiting but in fact one of the most troubled federal uh prisons is right here in brooklyn brought right off the bq we die i've been passing by it for years and really only recently started reporting on on what happens inside so aren't there are supposed to be systems in place to prevent abuse against inmates what will there are a lot of rules being a prison but there were few things fit that i found quite striking one is is that the bureau prison position is that an inmate is an inmate is an inmate and it doesn't much matter if it's a male inmate or but female inmate in terms of gender of the correctional officer assigned to supervise them so you might have a dormitory with fait fifty women living there in may and in the middle the night there would be a single male correctional officers supervising them and above back correctional officers there might be a single male lieutenant we which works out okay if nobody's a predator.

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