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DC's halfway house in south East coronavirus concern shut down the hope village earlier this year many have been sent home to finish out those sentences if we can move this quickly because the home home confinement there is no reason going forward that we can't have this as our model that is a former halfway house resident NBC for Scott McFarland says there are no new plans for new halfway house in the district all DC prisoners go to federal prison and then to DC halfway houses police are searching for suspects in paintball attacks on mail carriers over the weekend and they're hoping a fifty thousand dollar reward could help find those responsible five U. S. mail carriers were hit with paintball pellets late Saturday afternoon the attacks were in southwest and southeast DC as well as Riverdale Maryland the carriers will be okay the US postal inspection service is offering a fifty thousand dollar reward for help in solving the case in each instance the two suspects were driving a silver or gray four door sedan with temporary tags one suspect is an African American man slim about five eleven with braids or dreadlocks and wearing a white shirt the other man was just described as being slim Neolog consisting WTOP knows that corona virus hasn't been kind to car owners with more than ever people staying at home to slow the spread of covert nineteen vehicles have been unattended on the quiet streets and that makes them easy targets for thieves compared to this time last year larcenies are up sixty three percent in New York and nearly seventeen percent in LA many law enforcement agencies across the country are reporting an increase in stolen cars and vehicle burglaries well funerals are being curtailed due to the pandemic honor guard soldiers are still offering funeral services for military personnel one honor guard training officer tells the capital Gazette that while most people are waiting for a better time to be with family and friends there are still meaningful ceremonies happening from a distance they say taps is still being played in the family gets the folded flag from the coffin which is handed to them through a car window now he's one of the last living members of the famed Tuskegee airmen and he's received a number of honors well now an organization dedicated to educating about the history of the group is out with some new apparel to support that mission brigadier general Charles McGee made its legacy in the skies in his thirty year military career and the latest honor for the one hundred year old is a low top sneaker styled with the markings that adorned his P. fifty one Mustang aircraft nuts Meyer Grove kitten number seven there was my brother's number it's an exclusive item being sold by and benefiting the commemorative Air Force rise above a nonprofit that seeks to inspire all generations to overcome adversity using lessons and stories of the Tuskegee airmen and women airforce service pilots we have the link to the online shop at WTOP dot com search shoes Brandon Millman WTOP news T. V. shows and podcasts that delve into true crimes have become big hits in recent years now northern Virginia tech company is getting into the act for the last couple of years para Banda Reston Virginia.

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