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It's 2021, right. I feel like the snowplow technology could have advanced by now. I unfortunately live on the side of the street. Where the plow pushes snow to during storms. You're now becoming fast and furious here on Long Island, So I'm apparently signed up for a lifetime off getting my driveway completely crunched by plowed snow. Can I get it least flip The plows through? It goes left instead of right, But maybe more importantly, is there a way that we can do this move snow without pushing into anybody's driveway. And we like, push and scoop and sucked back into like some kind of like garbage truck apparatus. Behind that we could do something different than just destroying people of burying cars, burying driveways, snowplows, Get him out trash. Hold your nose. That's some smelly rubbish. When I attended asked you, there was like the fourth foot Plus storm of the winter. There was nowhere else to put the snow. They could not literally plowed any work. There was no the walls of the snow were too high, and they got like another 2 ft. Snow, So they ended up loading it onto a flatbed truck and driving into the lake and dumping the snow into the lake. This is what you're talking about, actually, physically removing the snow from the roads. Yeah. Just do something Don't just push out of the way. Pick it up and get rid of it have some kind of crazy incinerator that you throw it into behind you Melt the snow immediately shoots it off into the air. Do something other than putting my driveway under wraps for multiple days, thanks to huge things of ice and snow. Connor Green. Who were you trashing, all right, D a. I'm trashing all of these stock market experts on TV who are trying to tell me what I can and can't invest in. If I want to dump my entire life.

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