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That. I mean how how available are you to learn I mean it's infinite because you you feel like you. Yeah this is mine. The best recording studio in New Orleans I can go in here whenever I want because this. This belongs to me and I'm telling you just takes a teeny bit of opportunity that you could you know that's? That's the future superstars of music coming out of New Orleans and they just need a little bit of opportunity. And hopefully you know the LS. Marsala will give them that. Again with goosebumps I'm sitting here with the goose bumps again. That's good. We'd like goosebumps I'm so proud of you so I just want to learn for Cova in and and the fact that we're not face to face. I would just give you the biggest Mama Delilah Hug gun some so proud of what you do, think that in a second and one day I will be hug each other again for sure foreshore. Through this and we gotta come out stronger and We'll do it. Thank you, thank you. Harry is great. Hearing your voice again as always. Thank you sweetheart. Give My love to your family and do that thing around the dinner table asked early weird questions and let your kids let the girls come up with the questions. Oh Yeah, I love it I think that's a great idea we're going to do that. and have jill big sour dough bread? Heck, yeah, Sour Dough Brad Tipton olive oil with the questions. Nothing like it in the world. Come over to your house. I'll sit outside, okay? Thank you Harry. connick junior stars still shine. We'll talk to you soon, honey. or by Harry Connick Junior. We are so fortunate to have your music. You're acting talent. Your love your kindness, your family values. Are you know adorable nece. One, more entertainer, who models care and compassion, one more person, using their gifts, their talents, their skills to change the world for good one heart at a time you can download Harry Connick Juniors. New Single Stars still shine. You can watch his CBS specialists CBS all access and you can help out kids who need your love all that you can do. Thank you for joining me today on Vk love someone with the Lai laugh and stay tuned to my radio show every single. God bless you and take care..

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